Wealth & Finance International - Business Awards 2016

Business Awards 2016 8 Best Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway - Canada Coinpayments is an ecommerce firm that provides an integrated payment gateway for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. We explore the firm and the innovative solutions it provides. Company: Coinpayments Website: https://www.coinpayments.net/ Established in 2013, Coinpayments has grown alongside the online payments market, diversifying into new currencies including bitcoin, Dash, Maxcoin and GameCredits. Payment diversity is crucial to the firm and as such it is always seeking to offer new coins, and is currently the largest Altcoin payment processing company on the market currently. With over 89,500 vendors across 182 different countries, CoinPayments is also the first and largest payment processor of over 55 cryptocurrencies In addition to supporting payments through numerous alternative internet currencies the firm also provides a wide range of merchant services, including shopping cart plugins and buttons; point of sale interfaces; and an invoice builder. There is also an API for custom integrations, allowing users to customise the firm’s services to suit their needs. Other innovative features include supporting BitGo Instant, making Bitcoin payments faster than ever before and an online vault where clients can protect their coins, requiring a time amount specified by the client before they are able to spend them. Clients range in both size and industry, and include games websites, travel companies, charities and online stores selling everything from gifts to groceries. These clients rely on Coinpayment’s reliable platform and dedication to development which allows them to take payments across a wide range of currencies quickly and efficiently. The firm’s payment technology allows businesses to process over 100 currencies with fully automated security features. They receive the money how they choose and we can exchange many of them for another currency instantly. This means customers can spend whichever coins they have and businesses can receive payment in their preferred currency without the need to integrate with hundreds of different payment processors for every currency- saving merchants time and money. As an additional level of security most of the supported altcoins can be exchanged into other currencies instantly, protecting merchants from any currency volatility during or after the transaction. In order to stay relevant, Coinpayments firmly believe that firms need to embrace constant change and we have built our platform on this core business philosophy. Closed systems stagnate quickly in times of rapid change and are prone to being overtaken quickly by innovators. Therefore, as part of the firm’s service offering there is a coin vote, which allows clients to vote for a new currency which will be integrated onto the platform; the votes are paid for and the proceeds go to charity, offering clients a means to give back as well as providing a democratic means for clients to receive the services they need. Operating in such a fast paced, dynamic industry means that adapting to clients’ needs is vital for success, which is why Coinpayments are always looking for the best ways to support users and ensure that the currencies and services they need are available. The latest developments for the firm include the raising of over $100, 000 in investments on the first day of their initial seed funding round in 2015, which paved the way for major investment in infrastructure and service offering. The money is being invested in expanding both the platform and the team, as the company looks to grow following the securing of over 18,000 merchants, leading them to process over $50 Million USD in transaction for their clients. Alongside this the firm has also developed mobile apps for both android and IOS systems which allow clients to easily access their CoinPayments account to send and receive coins, accept POS payments in person, and exchange many of the firm’s coins anywhere that they have internet access. As such the future is an exciting time for Coinpayments as the company seeks to build upon its current success and develop around the ever evolving online payments market. BU160016

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