Cyber Security Awards 2023

Cyber Security Awards 2023 Wealth & Finance 9. Best FinTech Cyber Security Specialist 2023 (Middle East): Dragos Dabija Lean Technologies supports financial innovation in the MENA region by streamlining access to critical financial infrastructure and tools. It enables developers to connect to their users’ bank accounts through secure and reliable means, allowing them to focus on supplying true value services for their users. Lean believes that developers’ strength comes from their creativity, and strives to help them take control by executing inventive ideas that can change the fintech landscape of the Middle East. Its client portfolio spans a wide range of sectors, including, but not limited to, wealth management, remittance, lending, real estate, telecommunications, and transportation. The essential tools Lean provides for its clients allows them to build best-in-class financial products without the need for complex integrations. By leveraging its expertise, and providing a robust platform, Lean enables its clients to enhance customer experiences, drive innovation, and create new revenue streams. It has a comprehensive plan to drive industry-wide change and establish Open Banking as a widely adopted practice. It does this by fostering collaboration and interoperability among financial institutions and fintech companies. With Lean at the helm, data exchange and payments are secure and customer centric. Lean strictly adheres to four security pillars to ensure the highest levels of protection for its clients. This begins with compliance, a fundamental aspect of its security framework. It strictly adheres to industry regulations and best practices, ensuring all solutions meet the highest standards of security and data privacy. The second pillar is transparent security, which is essential to build trust and confidence with clients, and allow them to make informed decisions regarding their security posture. Thirdly there is resilience, a vital aspect of Lean’s security strategy. It proactively designs its systems and infrastructure to withstand and recover from potential threats or disruptions. Finally, the fourth pillar Lean adheres to is what it calls ecosystem security. With this, Lean is recognising that security is not limited to its own systems but extends to the broader ecosystem in which its clients operate. It actively collaborates with partners, regulators, and industry stakeholders to promote a secure and trusted ecosystem for all. In order to improve Lean Technologies’ security, one of the initial challenges it faced was driving a shift in culture. Leading Open Banking provider Lean Technologies enables the next generation of fintech to flourish in the Middle East. It offers a platform with secure access to powerful financial data, to help build the next generation of financial products such as trading platforms and digital wallets. To make security across the organization a priority involved extensive communication and awareness initiatives. The way it went about doing this was through conducting regular security training sessions, workshops, and awareness campaigns; educating employees about the importance of security and what their personal role is in safeguarding company assets. Lean engaged executive leadership to champion the security initiatives and set the tone from the top. Balancing security and business objectives was another challenge. As a fintech company focused on innovation and agility, it was imperative that security measures did not impede business operations or slow down development cycles. To address this, Lean adopted a risk-based approach, conducting intensive risk assessments across the board. Identifying critical assets and associated risks allowed it to prioritize security measures based on potential impact: an approach that helped strike a balance between security and business needs. This allowed the implementation of effective controls without hindering the ability to deliver value to clients. Lean Technologies has been awarded the title Best FinTech Cyber Security Specialist 2023 (Middle East): Dragos Dabija. As a trusted partner in the ever-evolving landscape of Open Banking and beyond, it is wholly deserving of this honour. Lean Technologies stands at the vanguard of a future where financial services are tailored, easily accessible, and fully inclusive. It’s Head of Information Security, Dragos Dabija, is being formally recognised with this award as an outstanding cybersecurity expert. Company: Lean Technologies Web Address: Contact Name: Dragos Dabija