Ethical Finance Awards 2022 8 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Ethical Finance Awards APR2w2 Founded in 2015 at the prestigious American research university, Harvard University, Granito Group benefits from an Ivy League background. Whilst the first business models for the company were designed in Cambridge, Massachusetts, it has established itself as a competitive financial advisory firm across South America and Europe. Indeed, the boutique financial group operates out of Sao Paulo and London, from where it enacts its mission to transform the global economy into a sustainable economy through its range of services. Specialized in strategic consulting, financial advisory, and policy & research, the group acts as a trusted advisor to both global and boutique financial institutions who wish to take full advantage of the value of sustainability. As a strategy consulting firm, Granito Group works collaboratively with clients to design and implement comprehensive ESG architectures. Consequently, this includes supporting its clients through the establishment of new policies and strategies, organisational transformation, in adjusting their investment processes, and in communicating effectively and transparently. Granito Group believes that the incorporation of ESG policies, practices and data should be guided by a strong financial rationale. In addition, Granito Group’s financial advisory service sees the group work closely with fund managers and companies to raise capital for their sustainability-related products, operations, or projects. ‘Sustainability adds values, it doesn’t subtract it,’ is the very essence of the group’s mission. As such, in the sustainability field, Granito Group has built its way up to be one of the world’s largest placement agents. The projects that Granito Group supports lean towards those that are long-term and intricate in nature, as it thrives upon creating and pioneering bespoke solutions. Breaking the status quo is a fundamental element within Granito Group’s structure – it pushes for the betterment of the industry and for sustainable solutions to be more accessible to its clients. Furthermore, it relentlessly searches for unique solutions that are compatible with its clients’ interests. Granito Group boasts an impressive background – consisting of highly-skilled team members and a history at Harvard University, its fair to say that the group has been marked by ingenuity from the moment of its founding. Indeed, the company has worked closely with clients in both South America and Europe, and in 2023, it plans to expand its reach further. As the sustainable finance industry is highly flexible and ever-changing, its work is entwined with research and science surrounding ESG issues, as this ensures that Granito Group is at the forefront of the global debate on sustainability. It takes pride in its capacity to anticipate ESG trends and focuses greatly upon growth and constant development. Additionally, the Granito Group team plays a significant role in the company’s success, with many of its team members publishing in peer-reviewed journals and teaching at leading European business schools. Its internal culture and strategy empowers the group to work in close collaboration with its clients on a day-to-day basis. Building and implementing solutions that are tailored to its clients’ needs brings the team a wealth of fulfilment. It is with this firmly in mind that the team strives for perfection – it endeavours to Best ESG Financial Advisory Firm 2022 Mar22377 provide the best possible service to each of its clients – and its fair to say that the team has been successful in this mission. Thanks to the group’s continued success, it is setting its sights upon expansion. In 2023, the group will be delving into the Middle East, where it will continue to supply clients with bespoke and sustainable solutions. Contact: Rodrigo Tavares Company: Granito Group Web Address: