Ethical Finance Awards 2023

20. Ethical Finance Awards 2023 Wealth & Finance Best Global Natural Resource Fund Manager 2023 - Western Australia Eden Asset Management focuses on a sustainable approach to investment, believing that it is incumbent upon us all to respond to the environmental and social challenges our world is facing. It weights its portfolio towards sustainable investments in the resources sector, and excludes any investments that fail to reach its strict sustainability objectives. It also gives a preference to businesses who can demonstrate a sustainably focused mindset, perhaps by implementing sustainable options into their day-to-day business operations. This is favoured over companies who do not consider such factors. ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) is also an extremely important consideration in Eden’s investment strategy. It is able to incorporate ESG into its investment strategy through its partnership and alignment with Parvate ESG (a full-service leader in ESG transformation solutions). Although the fund objective (of Parvate) is not the same thing as sustainable investment, effective ESG-conscious investing in the global resources sector is certainly bound to be a key determinant of performance for strategies within Eden’s sector. Fully incorporating ESG considerations within the portfolio will therefore significantly help in delivering risk-adjusted returns. The fund also promotes excellent environmental and social characteristics, and invests in companies that apply good corporate governance. One thing Eden has noticed is that active investors in the global resources sector can materially influence the behaviour of companies, encouraging them to make responsible decisions regarding ESG matters. It believes global resources companies have a central role to play in making the transition to a low carbon economy, using more sustainable means of energy generation, and reducing emissions. This is good news for investors and the planet. As a specialist investor, sustainable investment in the resources sector is a key focus for Eden and its partners. The Eden Global Natural Resources UCITS Fund is classified as a Light Green Fund under Article 8 of the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (“SFDR”). It reflects Eden’s consideration for the environment, focused on risks to the climate, a scarcity of natural resources, and waste/pollution challenges. Eden also considers social aspects of investment, such as labour conditions, community reputation/involvement, and shareholder engagement. Similarly, when it comes to governance any opportunities are considered for effectiveness and the quality of the management at board level. Investing in resources means environmental factors are an obvious part of ESG considerations. But Eden believes too that effective delivery of environmental objectives is simply not possible without companies being guided by, and rigorously practising, strong social and governance policies. Eden will only invest in companies with progressive ESG policies. It screens for those which do not meet required standards, and implements ongoing monitoring of ESG performance and training. It is passionate about driving transformational and positive change within the global natural resources sector, embodied by its Eden tree symbol, which points to the company’s commitment to addressing sustainability, ESG, climate change and reduction in carbon emissions. This is both in terms of managed investments, and Eden’s own operations. Eden unites a team of experienced fund managers, analysts, corporate advisors and technical experts with specialist knowledge across global equity markets, and an interest in/focus on global natural resources. It concentrates particularly on commodities, metals and mining, energy, and agriculture. Eden also has an extensive network of external consultants who cover various other areas of technical expertise to further support the business. Eden Asset Management has been awarded Best Global Natural Resource Fund Manager 2023 - Western Australia. This is a wonderful acknowledgement of the terrific work the company is doing to benefit ethical investors, so well done Eden. Contact: Nicholas Boyd-Mathews Company: Eden Asset Management Web Address: “Risk is materially increased in companies which lack a social licence to operate or for which appropriate governance procedures, including incentivisation structures for management and anticorruption and bribery measures, are not followed. ” Based in Perth, Australia, Eden Asset Management is a specialist funds management and corporate advisory firm. It is passionate about driving transformational and positive changes within the global natural resources sector. Eden is committed to providing sustainable and responsible investment opportunities for its clients.