Ethical Finance Awards 2023

Nov22526 Ethical Finance Awards 2023 Wealth & Finance Best CFO & CPA Services Firm 2023 - San Francisco Bay Area Nexxus was founded to serve the needs of small, privately held businesses. Through the provisioning of bookkeeping, accounting, tax strategy and tax preparation services, the team has been able to support companies to do what they do best, and expand by acquiring businesses in their sectors. Key to what the team offers is confidence that their business dealings are being handled well, and this depends on transparency at all times. When Kaiden Degas founded Nexxus, he knew that one of the keys to his success would be working ethically to support clients. “Ethical finance is holding a fiduciary standard for our clients, our communities and society,” he explains. “Our business is successful as our clients are successful and the feedback loop expands on itself for a greater life for all. Being ethical is being honest, forthright, transparent, morally aligned with values, and acting in integrity with those values. We embody these qualities as an organisation and I especially do as the leader of my organization.” The work that Nexxus undertakes is incredibly varied, with Kaiden and the team acting as accounting firm and commercial real estate firm rolled into one. “The services that we choose to specialise in are high pay off activities that are more rare to find in the market,” he tells us. “Many accounting firms focus on bread and butter services such as payroll processing, bookkeeping and tax preparation. We provide tax strategy and an overarching view of the family objectives and how they intertwine with business necessities and objectives before tax preparation so that business owners can anticipate their next moves.” This focus on the holistic approach showcases what sets Nexxus apart from the crowd. Theirs is not a business which offers to solve all of your problems, but one which targets long-term wealth and success. “We do not provide payroll processing because it is a time consuming activity that drains company resources and there is fierce competition and low profit margins,” Kaiden tells us. “By avoiding the path most followed and offering higher pay off activities such as selling commercial real estate investments and trustee service, we simultaneously bolster our brand and provide services that lead to long term wealth.” This unique way of working has not only created stability for Nexxus, but for clients as well. By collaborating with Nexxus, they can ensure a future which is brighter than most. “Owning the commercial real estate that a business operates in creates stability and security for the business and its owners for the future,” Kaiden explains. “The asset will appreciate over time creating tailwinds for success. Any debt on the property will be fixed and will be cheaper to pay over time as inflation erodes the value of money and prices increase thus revenue increases. By owning the property the business can avoid increasing rent prices. We offer trustee service to protect these assets and ensure that they will continue to serve our client’s descendants.” When people start their own businesses, they do so because they want their own independence, and independence for their children as well. By focusing in on the needs of the individual, Nexxus is able to guarantee fulfilment in every respect. “Clients like that we are accessible and responsive,” he explains. “Clients have been grateful for us helping them get caught up with their tax filing and payment obligations with the CDTFA, IRS and FTB. Where they have been ghosted or strung along by other accounting firms, we have stepped in to get them straightened out.” Since opening the firm’s doors, Kaiden has worked with many different clients, each of whom bring their own challenges and delights to the table. “One of my favourite clients is a hard working Puerto Rican who started working when he was 15 and is in the jewellery business now,” he tells us. “He has a family business with his son and other relatives and he’s such a loving and kind man. Now, he’s well into his 60’s, and he has always been motivated to make a life for his family and lead them into getting ahead. I love and respect people like this and he represents the majority of my clientele.” When people turn to Kaiden, they turn to someone who has worked in many industries, and is turning his lifetime of expertise onto the needs of his clients. For him, the lifetime of experience is something that everyone should have access to, but very few think they need. “Building long term relationships with my clients and helping them pay less in taxes and build their wealth is endlessly rewarding,” Kaiden says with a smile. “I’ll continue to do the best that I can and continue to learn and grow. My career is just starting out. Having started my business in 2018, I have a few decades to look forward to working!” Earning success in the Ethical Finance Awards is a major milestone for Kaiden, showing him that he is more than on the right path to securing success for the future. “Being recognized as the most ethical firm of the San Francisco Bay Area this early on is a huge success for me and an honour,” he tells us. “I am a man of integrity, I am building a company that is based on integrity and trust, and this award truly touches my heart to receive.” It’s an award which is well earned indeed. For numerous people throughout San Francisco, Nexxus is a lifeline which has transformed their lives. With such success under his belt so early on in this career, we cannot wait to see how Kaiden and the talented team at Nexxus continue to grow and develop in the weeks and months to come. Company: Nexxus Financial Resource Ventures Name: Kaiden Degas, CPA Email: [email protected] Web Address: Mar23182 When it comes to accountancy, SMEs often struggle to keep on top of the demands made of them. Nexxus Financial Resource Ventures was founded to provide trust so that businesses can focus on what they need to focus on, while having the support of a specialist in the field. Recognised as a leader in ethical finance, we caught up with Kaiden Degas, CPA to find out more.