Wealth & Finance International - February 2017

69 February 2017 Empowering Everyday Investors ichael Chatwin is responsible for business development at the firm. He goes into more detail about the services and products it offers. “We provide capital to Syndicates within the Lloyd’s market. Our portfolio is made up of diverse insur- ance risk, both from a business and geographic perspective. Around 50% of the risk within our portfolio is US-based, the balance is spread around the globe.” The staff at Gallery Capital are of paramount importance in the ongoing success of the firm, as Michael embellishes: “They have a large role managing the liquidity of our Funds, the cash flows, and the analysis of the risks inherent within the market, and within the individual syndi- cates that we provide capital to.” With regards to the future, both short and long term, Michael sees huge opportunities for growth. “We are structuring a Fund that will provide capital to a select number of syndicates on an annual basis, rather than in an evergreen form. This will create a much larger portfolio, and will enable us to use capital in a manner that will create higher returns, with very similar risk. “We believe that we are the only Fund in the market that has the singu- lar purpose of providing capital to Lloyd’s. This is a double edged sword, in the sense that whilst investors are looking for unique products, that have little or no correlation to other markets yet The fact that they have never seen a Fund like this means that they need to do extra work to understand our market, the possible returns and the risks. “Our investors have the ability to create a double use of assets, they can provide capital to us, and in turn to the Lloyd’s market, whilst still being able to use that capital to invest in other markets.” Company: Gallery Capital Management Name: Michael Chatwin Email: [email protected] Web Address: gallerycapital.com Address: London, UK and Atlanta, Georgia, USA Gallery Capital Management L.P. is an investment firm established in London, U.K. and Atlanta, Georgia. Our portfolio is made up exclusively from Syndicates underwriting insurance drawn from the worldwide sources accessible to insurance businesses operating within the Lloyd’s of London marketplace. We are an authorized Member of Lloyd’s of London, which is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA), established by the Bank of England. M 1701WF02

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