Wealth & Finance Finance Awards 2015

www.wealthandfinance-intl.com 19 Pinnacle Investments Best Mortgage Investor - USA Pinnacle Investments is 19 year old nationwide principal buyer of 1st lien performing and non-performing real estate notes. CEO Troy Fullwood provides us with a unique insight into this dynamic investment company. Pinnacle Investments consists of a team of professionals whose main focus is to quickly assemble and close each and every transaction. In order to stay ahead of my competitors I draw on my wealth of indus- try experience. My previous role before Pinnacle was a two year role running a Multi – Million Dollar private equity fund that operated and produced a 92.6% IRR for myself and the investors that were involved. As such I understand that everything in the finance industry runs on cycles. So if you study cycle histories of your finance niche you can pre- pare for the down turn in a cycle and avoid losses and capture market share when the cycle is moving up. History always repeats itself; it just has a different look each time it repeats. As well as using my experience to further my business I also support the greater financial industry by adding to its wealth of understanding. I have currently written over 175 articles on real estate investing, spoken at over 50 industry conventions as well as participating in over 10 radio talk shows about real estate note investing. With regards to the overall finance industry at present, the biggest change has come with the adaption of more regulations in the loan origination side of the industry. The positive side of this is that it has protected the home owner against lender fraud and created tier one lev- el industry practices for the lenders that have adapted these guidelines. A major challenge a firm such as mine faces when operating within such an industry, and which is also our biggest opportunity, is buying and modifying NPL’s (Non-Performing Loans) residential loans through- out the US. There is currently over 1.2 Million US home owners that are still not paying their mortgage, which equates to over 540 Billion in NPL inven- tory and opportunity throughout the US. Overall my philosophy is that people matter more than profit. If you take care of your employees and customers then profit will take care of its self. When hiring staff I always look for motivated, coachable employees who are willing to work with me to support my customers. Customers are equally vital to any business and as such I endeavour to always put my customers first and educate them about their options, in order to ensure that they receive the best possible advice. By tailoring my services to each individual I ensure that they are always satisfied, which is what keeps my business going. This client centred approach extends beyond mere client service, and as such we measure our success against our clients’. Our core benchmark measurement centres on the measuring of the increased net worth that we help our clients achieve. When our client’s net worth increases, we all win. The business is expanding rapidly and we have a number of exciting developments on the horizon. Our newest project is the development of our 2nd US Residential NPL Distressed Asset Equity Fund that will allow us to raise over 250M for the purchase of US NPL’s, This has a core focus of modifying the NPL’s for home owners to keep people in their home and provide a healthy double digit return for our investors. The biggest opportunity we will see moving forward is capturing our share of the $540 Billion in NPL’s that are going to be sold off over the next 10 years. This provides us with a number of ways to grow as a business and we are keen to take advantage of these.

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