Wealth & Finance Finance Awards 2015

Wealth & Finance Finance Awards 2015 34 Dalfin Finansal Kurumsal Iletisim ve Danismanlik Hizmetleri Ltd. Sti. Best in Financial Management - Turkey & Recognised Leader in Risk Management - Turkey Dalfin Financial and Governance Solutions has more than 20 years’ experience providing financial management ser- vices around the globe. Company: Dalfin Finansal Kurumsal Iletisim ve Danismanlik Hizmetleri Ltd. Sti. Email: [email protected] Website: www.dalfin.com.tr By working collaboratively, Dalfin Financial and Governance Solutions has built up a large business in Turkey, but also assists firm around the world, providing top quality services tailored to their client’s needs. The firm aims to cultivate long-term relationship with customers and employees, aiming to transfer to employees at all levels in the highest level of customer experiences gained in national and international field. One of the firm’s key specialties is capital markets consulting. Compa- nies traded on the capital market are easily and cheaply accessed by major financial institutions, helping them to gain their reputation and contribute positively to brand awareness. However, there is a number of processes which need to be completed before a firm is able to trade on capital markets, and in order to comply with legislation firms need to be aware of a number of issues and rules. As such Dalfin provides their clients with the support they need as their experts assist their clients in passing the pre-IPO process. Following this process the firm is able to provide ongoing support through their net- work of investors on the markets, ensuring clients stay one step ahead of emerging trends.

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