Wealth & Finance Finance Awards 2015

www.wealthandfinance-intl.com 45 Building Project Insurance Specialists of the Year - UK JCT Insurance Expert is a specialist division of the Expert Insurance Group providing property developers, home owners and building professionals with the peace of mind on which to construct and create amazing spaces. We speak to Jenny Carter-Vaughan about the firm’s work and how they came to win this prestigious award. Company: Expert Insurance Group Name: Jenny Carter-Vaughan Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.expertinsurancegroup.co.uk Address: 1 Horsted Square Bellbrook Business Park Uckfield East Sussex TN22 1QG Telephone: 01825 745 410 JCT Insurance Expert provides insurance for a wide variety of prod- ucts ranging from extensions to conversions, new builds to grand designs, which gives us a wide ranging experience throughout the building project industry. Our client base is also varied, ranging from home owners looking to create extra space, to property developers working on major con- struction projects. Over the last year we have helped our customers find the right policy to protect an amazing range of buildings – from hostels to hotels, factories to offices, shops and churches, flats and manor houses, oast houses, thatched properties, barns, disused stations, castles, public toilets and warehouses. We have even insured an underground bun- ker and an air raid shelter. The firm’s approach to insurance relies on our people. Taking the time to really look after and appreciate our customers, employees and sup- pliers is what makes the difference. In order to achieve this we take great care when choosing our staff, looking for personality, dedication and a desire to learn and have fun. We recruit people who have that magical sparkle that makes them great listeners combined with the willingness to take the time to understand the detail, the patience to carry out the research and then the ability to explain complex products in everyday language. Treating our staff well is important to us, and we encourage our staff to engage in a dialogue with both customers and insurers so they can come up with creative solutions – this makes the work more rewarding and provides customers with a uniquely personal service. We reward our people for being innovative. Moving forward, regulation provides both a threat and an opportunity. The costs need to be properly proportioned (which is not the case currently) to reduce the threat. However for businesses like ours that want to act ethically and really put the customer at the heart of everything that they do regulation provides an opportunity too – getting it right is what we are good at and provided the rules allow us to con- tinue putting our customers first then this places us in a great place to grow our business.

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