Wealth & Finance Finance Awards 2015

www.wealthandfinance-intl.com 51 Lowes Financial Management Ltd Independent Financial Adviser of the Year - UK & Client Choice Award: Best for Personal Financial Planning - UK Established in 1971, Lowes Financial Management Ltd is dedicated to providing truly Independent Financial Advice to a wide range of people throughout the UK. Lowes Financial Management Ltd Company: Email: [email protected] Web address: www.Lowes.co.uk Address: Holmwood House,, Newcastle NE2 1TL Telephone: 0191 281 8811 As Independent Financial Advisers Lowes Financial Management Ltd looks across the whole investment markets into alternatives, alongside traditional investments, with the aim of delivering attractive returns for clients whilst taking an appropriate level of risk. Over the years, the firm’s personal approach to financial planning has helped both clients and the company prosper. During their most recent client satisfaction survey over 96% of clients rated the firm’s service and investment advice as ‘Good’ or ‘Very Good’. This is due to the fact that the firm believe that individual and dedicat- ed client care is a central aspect of fulfilling their goal of total peace of mind for their clients. The company has over 70 committed profes- sionals working for the firm. Each client not only has the benefit of a dedicated personal Consultant, but also the support of the firm’s highly qualified in-house investment team, technical research and administra- tion departments who help the Consultant ensure that advice given is current and suitable for their on-going needs. The firm advises clients across a wide range of financial aspects such as pensions, investment management and portfolio advice, inheritance tax planning, , tax mitigation, long term care and holistic financial plan- ning issues with client confidentiality assured. Lowes is also one of the UKs foremost experts in the investment field of Structured Products and has been analysing and collecting data on all of Structured Investments launched in the Independent Financial Advice space over the last 20 years. A combined wealth of experience and industry knowledge en- sures that their clients receive financial advice which is tailored to their personal needs and expectations. At Lowes, the benefit of a dedicated in-house investment team means that the investment process is not driven by external set asset allocation, but by the investment team’s own fund selection and asset parameters. This team are constantly monitoring fund performance and executing research to deliver the best investment performance. The firm’s long history in investments means that they have experienced different eco- nomic styles and recognise the importance of protecting client’s money. With a company philosophy which states ‘where personal finances are cared for personally’ and an overall objective to build long-term, mutu- ally beneficial relationships with clients, Lowes aims to endeavour to act in their client’s best interests at all times.

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