Wealth & Finance Finance Awards 2015

Wealth & Finance Finance Awards 2015 64 Sarie-Eldin & Partners Best in Project Finance - Egypt & Best in Sharia Compliant Syndicated Funds “Evergrow” Sarie-Eldin & Partners are a dedicated multi-practice law firm with a focus on corporate finance. Company: Sarie-Eldin & Partners Email: [email protected] Web address: www.sarieldin.com Address: KM 28 Cairo Alex Desert Road B 19, Smart Village, Egypt Telephone: (+202) 35352424 Sarie-Eldin & Partners was established by Dr. Hani Sarie-Eldin in 2007. The firm comprises highly qualified professionals who are able to provide timely effective legal services and advice and specializes in various as- pects of business and commercial law, including capital markets, M&A’s, GDR’s, derivatives, IPO’s, private placements, banking, corporate finance, project finance, PPP projects, corporate restructuring, commercial agen- cies, real- estate development projects, and information technology. Additionally the practice has a strong procedures and government rela- tions department, which carries out all relevant corporate and adminis- trative matters for the firm’s clients. Despite being a relatively young firm Sarie-Eldin & Partners enjoys strong regional presence, and a large local and international client base, includ- ing; leading local corporations, regional and international financial insti- tutions, transnational corporations and governmental organizations. The firm was selected to represent prominent local, regional, and international clients in major transactions that took place from August 2007 to date. Such transactions include - but are not limited to - strategic mergers and acquisitions, IPO’s, private placements, syndicated loans, real estate development projects and concession agreements. Ultimately the firm are committed to providing their valued clients with quality legal services for the best value. In order to achieve this the firm follows strict quality control processes and ensure that every lawyer is endowed with the necessary tools and qualifications to offer first-rate and timely legal support, with the objective to address their clients’ legal requirements in the most effective manner. A collaborative approach is important when working in such an envi- ronment and as such the firm are particularly keen to maintain strong relationships with all of their clients in order to guide them towards success while enabling them to attain their targets. Looking to the future the firm envisage and fervently pursue continuous growth within domestic and regional markets. To achieve this the firm will continue support its large contingent of clients and further instil a culture that embraces good governance, diligence, integrity and trans- parency. The firm believe that success can only be tangible through such attributes, which will in turn secure an attractive business and work environment to the benefit of their esteemed clients and staff.

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