Wealth & Finance Finance Awards 2015

Wealth & Finance Finance Awards 2015 68 Sunrise Capital Partners, LLC Best for Alternative Asset Management - California Sunrise has been a leader in alternative investment approaches since our 1980 inception and today, we continue to work tirelessly to provide our investors with compelling risk-adjusted returns and customer service. Company: Sunrise Capital Partners Name: Jason S. Gerlach, CEO and Managing Partner Email: [email protected] Web address: www.sunrisecapital.com Address: 1000 Aviara Parkway, Suite 205, Carlsbad, CA 92011 (San Diego) Telephone: 858 259 8911 At present the finance industry is in a state of rapid change. Investors are more discerning than ever and demanding better outcomes, greater transparency, more liquidity and lower fees than ever before. Only the firms who meet these demands will survive and prosper in the future. To be a leading asset management firm of tomorrow, Sunrise must continue to be relentlessly innovative and evolutionary, tireless in its search for the best possible market outcomes and focused intensely on meeting the needs of both its current investors and potential future investors. To this end, we are100% focused on achieving excellence in everything we do. We’re never satisfied and always question ourselves, looking for ways in which we can improve every aspect of our business and every aspect of our customers’ experience. Whether we are looking for prospective clients or employees, we seek to affiliate with people who are serious about achieving outstanding investment outcomes, focused on global markets and the opportu¬n- ity sets they provide, open-minded to new and innovative ways of investing, committed to excellence and continual self-improvement, and comfortable with an open and honest communication style that is fully transparent. To keep up with new developments in the markets in which we invest and within the dynamic industry of which we are a part, Sunrise actively promotes and sustains a culture of curiosity and self-evaluation, doing everything we can to ensure that nobody on our team ever becomes overly satisfied or complacent. This entails having everyone closely fol¬low the day to day changes in global markets and the financial industry and always contemplating what Sunrise needs to do to evolve and stay relevant from the standpoints of investment strategies, busi- ness opera¬tions, and client services. In furtherance of this cultural goal, we reward employees who take initiative and who demonstrate creativity and forward-thinking and discourage activities and traits which run counter to these values. On the investment side, the benchmarks we use are the accepted market indices that are most relevant to our clients and their respective investment goals. In addition, we routinely track the performance and other outcomes of our most respected industry peers and competitors and use those to benchmark many aspects of our business. Our goal, day in and day out, is to routinely beat all relevant bench¬marks and demonstrate to the world that the outcomes we achieve are consistently as good or better than the leading, often signifi- cantly larger, firms in our field. We take any failure to live up to our performance goals personally and always use instances of underperformance as a catalyst for reas¬sess- ment and self-improvement. When it comes to our clients, the bench- mark is simple – their 100% satisfaction. We want our investors to have a compelling customer experience possible and if they are not having such, we have failed as a business and need to modify our investment and business approaches accordingly. We believe the future for Sunrise is bright and we have numerous ex- cit¬ing initiatives in the works in terms of investment product offerings and technological advances that will allow investors the ability to access our investment product offerings more efficiently than ever before. Heading into 2016, the biggest challenge facing Sunrise and all of its investors is the rapidly changing dynamic of global markets. In many in¬stances, markets are moving faster and with more intra-day, intra-week and intra-month volatility than ever before. The investment strategies that will perform best going forward will likely look nothing like those that have worked best in the past and thus for Sunrise, continuing to innovate our investment approach presents both our biggest challenge and our biggest opportunity. We plan to tackle the challenges before us with the same tireless work ethic and commitment to excellence that we’ve always applied in our business.

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