Wealth & Finance International - Fintech Awards 2017

2017 Fintech Awards 4 Cloud Accounting Specialist of the Year – UK & Best Business Advisory & Accountancy Firm - England Carter Collins & Meyer (CCM) are a Cloud accounting firm primarily focused on providing a highly professional service coupled with a personal touch. We invited Robert Newman to tell us a bit more about the secrets behind their success. Contact: Robert Newman Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Chichester House, Chichester Street, Rochdale, OL16 2AX, UK Phone: 01706 860255 Website: www.uk-ccm.com The highly experienced team at CCM seeks to understand the unique business pressures facing each of our clients before creating commercial and workable solutions to those varied and complex challenges. One of the challenges that staff gladly meet and overcome every day is the variety of clients the company serve. The firm provides a fully tailored and personal service to businesses with sometimes vastly different needs and priorities. Robert outlines what areas the firm focuses on and what services it provides for its clients. “Staff at the company focus on several key areas with our clients; these include Accountancy, Taxation services, Consultancy, Business Sales and Commercial Finance. With many years of experience and with the firm having grown larger - both organically and strategically - we are now able to provide a full range of commercial accountancy and taxation services. As a firm, we work closely with a broad range of business and personal clients, from professional practices, the sport, media and entertainment industries, to family-owned and managed enterprises.” Regarding the company’s approach to customer service, Robert explains to us what the firm sees as the most relevant and vital areas to focus on, enabling staff to provide the best possible service for its clients. Being honest and open in order to build up a sense of trust with clients is important to the client relationship, as well as the company being able to tailor its approach to a project in order to fulfil the customer’s needs and demands. “The most vital areas that we focus on at CCM are providing a transparent, open and honest service with a firm that will tailor our approach to the clients’ needs. We work with all types of people and businesses, of all sizes; so, a service that is versatile and not filled with technical nonsense is important to ensure consistent communication. “Secondly, just as essential is to focus on fostering a relationship between us and the client that is based on mutual trust. We are always looking for feedback on the work we’ve done and are constantly improving our standards according to the responses we receive. After all, they are trusting us with their business, so in return we trust our clients to be the judges of our service.” When operating in a constantly evolving market, it is integral that businesses take steps in order to ensure that they remain at the very cutting edge of the latest industry developments. Robert discusses what steps the firm takes to guarantee that it stays on top of these changes, citing significant investment in team members being involved in professional development programmes as well as making sure staff are highly trained. “CCM has a rolling program of both training an investment; the training encompasses the whole team and involves not just training for the clients and resources we have, but putting aside time and budget to visit and investigate what’s new and what’s coming at trade shows, industry events and directly with our clients and suppliers. The investment is ongoing with team members being involved in both specifically recognised professional development programmes and in cross disciplinary events, training and organisations.” In order to attract the best clients, the firm must differentiate itself from other competitors within the industry. Providing excellent customer service is one of the company’s main aims, which Robert believes helps the firm to stand out from others. Despite a lot of technology being involved in the work at CCM, there are people behind the scenes who work hard to ensure clients are put first. “Customer service is vital to us as a firm and we are primarily focused on providing a highly professional service coupled with a personal FIN17001

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