Wealth & Finance International - Fintech Awards 2017

2017 Fintech Awards 5 touch. Despite the use of technology and structures and systems, behind them are real people at CCM who care about your business.” Moving forward, the firm must adapt to any future developments, with Artificial Intelligence being talked about a lot within the industry. However, Robert feels the company are well placed to adapt to any future developments, as the team are looking to grow CCM’s business and relationships and expand further across the UK. “There is considerable talk at the moment of Artificial Intelligence and of BlockChain Technology. In theory, both are real game changers, but they are both at very early stages of development so, it is a wait and see from CCM. “Business is currently great and we are looking for more. Our plan is to keep working with our clients and to grow our relationships in the near and midterm so that we continue to be a key advisor to SME businesses under £10m turnover across the North West of England and then across the UK.” Cloud Accounting Specialist of the Year – UK & Best Business Advisory & Accountancy Firm - England

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