Fintech Awards 2018

12 2018 FinTech Awards Company: Acuity Management Limited Contact: Tracy Sawyerr Tel: + 44 (0) 203 6033722 Web Address: AI180012 Most Innovative P2P Lending Platform - UK Crowdstacker is a creative lending platform that works with businesses from a variety of industries, all of whom are looking to raise funds so they can develop new products or services, or expand. We invited Rebecca Stiasny to explain this revolutionary concept in more detail. Company: Crowdstacker Conta t: Rebecca Stiasny Address: 1s & 2nd Floor Offices, 6 Victoria Street, St Albans, AL1 3JB, UK Phon : 0 20 7118 7570 Website: Since its inception in 2015, Crowdstacker’s focus has been to make available to everyday investors the kinds of high quality investment opportunities that were traditionally only open to institutions and professional investors. A typical investment featured on this unique platform will be looking to raise £1 million or more, rather than £10,000- 100,000, which is more typical of the crowdfunding space. It is this that sets the firm apart from other P2P platforms, as Rebecca explores. “As part of our unique service offering, at Crowdstacker we structure debt-based products so that businesses can borrow at competitive rates. We decide on the best investment structure dependent on the individual business needs as well as the criteria that will deliver investors the best deal. “In the past we have used P2P Loans, Loan Notes and Bonds, but in the future we look to expand this offering. The key advantage of this individual approach is that businesses are able to borrow money in a way that suits exactly how their business operates, with each arrangement accommodating specific nuances such as cash flow patterns and the length of time the funding is required. “In addition, this individualised approach also enables us to structure strong defensive elements into each investment to protect investors, often in a layered way so there is more than one way to potentially recoup any losses. For example, we always identify with a business the best security against which to leverage investment, such as property for construction businesses.” This tailored approach to investment, which focuses on creating meaningful, lasting relationships, has been the firm’s focus from the beginning, and is integral to every aspect of process. Rebecca talks us through how she and her team work to support investors and ensure that they feel supported throughout the investment process. “Enabling investors to make informed choices was a founding principle of how Crowdstacker wanted to function, so we make great efforts to ensure all written material is easy to understand. We also make use of multi-media where appropriate such as our short animations and films which provide the basics for each investment. “Additionally, we operate our own in-house customer service line so that investors needing answers to specific questions can speak directly to a Crowdstacker team member. As we expand we will be ensuring we can retain this functionality, and making use of technology which focuses on being helpful, not just technology for technology’s sake. “Businesses we work with receive a similar hands-on service. An important part of our due diligence process involves multiple face- to-face meetings with borrowers, some of which take place at the businesses’ main premises so we can get a real-life feel for what the business does and how it works. One of the consequences of this is that we are also able to build strong relationships with the business managers making the process of structuring an investment and then overseeing it during its lifetime, much easier and much more transparent.” Ultimately, as the alternative investment industry has matured, Crowdstacker has continued to innovate and is now looking to provide a range of investment structures and new accounts for investors, as well as financing options for business. Rebecca proudly concludes by sharing an insight into the firm’s future plans and how these will help meet the ever-evolving needs of the businesses and investors who have come to rely on this dynamic platform. “With regards to our future, Crowdstacker is focused on continuing to innovate to build an environment where investors and businesses seeking investment can co-exist and work together for mutual benefit in a transparent and efficient way. F N18 0