Fintech Awards 2019 18 Wealth & Finance International - Fintech Awards 2019 Originally the idea of paying invoices online came into being within the framework of Halcom’s internal promoter of ideas in 2013. This idea was taken and built upon to produce mBills, a unique app solution that offers clients a cutting-edge solution. Since its foundation in 2015 MBILLS has been providing innovative ePayments solutions. Through the firm’s platform the user’s smartphone becomes their mobile wallet, making it easier and more convenient to make payments. Today, the firm’s mBills app is based on a mobile wallet, which replaces the well-known wallet for cash. As it has been possible to buy anything in cash, it is possible to buy anything with mBills with electronic money. This creative solution allows users to pay cash invoices, monthly bills, online shopping, money remittance to friends, ordering and paying goods by painting a product’s QR code, paying for vending machines. The mBills platform operates independently, and as such consumers can use it regardless of whether they have an open bank account or whether they have a subscription agreement with the telecommunications operator. Downloadable through Google Play and the Apple Store and free to install, the mBills app allows users to pay for everything from petrol and groceries through to online invoices at more than 1500 locations across Slovenia. Safe, reliable and intuitive, the solution is designed for modern consumers. Users do not even have to directly enter the app, and instead in phone settings, they can create a shortcut to the mBills application or the mBills widget. This allows users to see the ticket for the event and make payments, payments and payments even without directly entering the application. The mBills shortcut, or extension of the mBills app, can be set on an exposed display screen regardless of whether users have an Android or iOS device. Limited to a maximum of Slovenian FinTech innovator MBILLS d.o.o. has created a unique online platform, mBills, through which users can make payments using their touchscreen devices. As part of our showcase of a selection of this year’s esteemed FinTech Awards winners we profile the firm and share an insight into how far its unique solution has come over the past four years. EUR 50.00 by the app itself, users can set their own limits to ensure safety and ease-of-use. Initially users are signed up as a primary user, but can upgrade to a full user at any time, allowing them access to mBills’ full suite of solutions and services. These include receiving e-invoices from issuers, charging from a bank account, charging mBills wallets with payment / credit cards and payment of cash. For companies the solution is the ideal way to unify their payment options and provide consumers with an innovative way to pay. mBills can even be integrated into a firm’s payroll system, ensuring that they need look no further for a complete payments app. Cheaper, faster and more effective, the app is perfect for companies looking to enhance their payment offering and stay ahead of emerging market developments. After all, online payment and internet banking have been key fixtures of the payment market for many years already, and the next step is automatic payments made through the use of a phone. This has already been achieved in several instances, but MBILLS was a pioneer in the market and is continuing to drive change by offering an integrated, innovative solution that cannot be found elsewhere. By integrating this unique solution firms can ensure that they are offering the very latest technology for their clients. To make the solution completely accessible to a variety of companies, mBills has no hidden charges or start-up costs, and the solution can be added to any firm’s infrastructure quickly and efficiently. The app is already connected to many cash programs, including mintPOS, VASCO and micro GRAMM, so the transition to receiving payments with MBILLS is quick and easy. Ultimately, MBILLS’ aim is to create a unified user experience on mobile device for all types of payments, and this will remain the firm’s ongoing focus as it looks towards a bright and exciting future filled with new opportunities for growth and prosperity. Contact: Simon Steinman Website: Best Mobile ePayments App (Central Europe) Jun19063