Fintech Awards 2019

Wealth & Finance International - Fintech Awards 2019 25 Since its inception, Blockshine Singapore has been dedicated to empowering the next generation of companies that are making a game-changing impact to create a more diverse, inclusive and egalitarian world. The firm offers a full suite of advisory and merchant services, which are tailored to meet any individual organizations’ needs for effective implementation of blockchain strategies. These include design, development and securing custody of digital assets and tokens. In addition, the firm has created bespoke token systems and payment platforms for a range of clients in a myriad of industries, from banking to clean energy to hospitality and beyond. Over the years, the firm has grown its team slowly and deliberately to ensure it not only boasts the best industry talent but also a unique, supportive internal culture. Thus, Blockshine Singapore is able to collaborate with its clients and provide them with expert support tailored to meet their exact needs. Continuous development is a key aspect of this culture, as it allows the team to remain ahead of emerging market developments and offer clients cutting-edge solutions that cannot be found elsewhere. The firm has a unique experience and understanding of how the market works and fluctuates. This knowledge puts Blockshine Singapore in a unique position to be an end-to- end partner for clients who are looking to adopt blockchain technology. By combining cutting-edge technology and the firm’s corporate experience, the team is able to offer solutions that will support clients as they navigate this challenging yet vital new market segment. Seeking to build upon this already phenomenal success, looking to the future, Blockshine Singapore is planning to expand both in sector, with new projects across the clean power, government and real estate markets, and geographically, with the firm set to grow its global footprint by opening a Latin American office in Panama City later this year. Best Transaction Tracking Blockchain Platform (Asia) Blockshine Singapore Blockshine Singapore These developments will drive this innovative and talented company to even greater success throughout the coming year and further into the future. With Blockchain set to grow exponentially over the coming years, and investors increasingly noticing the potential for this innovative solution, Blockshine Singapore is in a unique position to offer pioneering services. Having recognised this growth previously, Blockshine Singapore has made it one of its goals to foster an ecosystem around Blockchain technology. As part of this aim, the firm has created a network of partner companies from exchanges to payment platforms to mining operations, as well as custodian solutions. The company is confident that, through this network, it can bring all these resources to best serve the needs of its clients as the Blockchain industry evolves and expands. Address: #02-01 Odeon Towers, 331 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188720 Website: May19375 A subsidiary of both Path Corporation and Blockchain Global Limited, Blockshine Singapore draws on the experience of these organisations to act as an end-to-end enterprise blockchain partner to a variety of clients. Celebrating the firm’s success in this year’s FinTech Awards we profile it to find out more about how its innovative platform is revolutionising the burgeoning Blockchain market.