Fintech Awards 2019

Wealth & Finance International - Fintech Awards 2019 29 APR2w2 As cryptocurrencies become an important part of the financial market CraftR aims to e-commerce through innovative Blockchain solutions. To celebrate the firm’s success in the 2019 FinTech Awards we profile it and share an insight into the driving forces behind its success. Best Emerging Digital Innovations E-Commerce Platform Established in 2017 alongside its electronic currency called CraftR token, CraftR has since become a key player in the ever-important cryptocurrency market. Through the development of its tokens the firm aims to bring an interesting idea in the blockchain area and more importantly, to bring an authentic product with a real connection with the blockchain. With six expert team members supported by five admin staff, CraftR is developing a decentralized e-commerce platform for the provision of spaces for the sale of digital creative assets and freelance services. The concept of decentralization is based, for the moment, on ERC20 tokens payments, but moving forward the firm is evaluating the possibility of decentralizing also the storage of products. This decentralization aims to bring CraftR as close as possible to its clients. As part of this focus the firm gives its clients the opportunity to sell their creations and skills without complications. The firm tries to provide many incentives to use its innovative marketplace through competitions and awards and in addition, CraftR token has a proof- of-stake functionality. Customers can register an account and publish products for sale in exchange for CraftR token. Aiming to make the solution as accessible as possible, the firm does not charge any commission on transactions, that take place directly and via blockchain. Any user can publish a first product for free and start earning without limitations, then, if preferred, there is the possibility to increase the products’ spaces with the previous gains. Such an approach ensures flexibility for clients and helps to drive them to make greater use of the firm’s cutting- edge platform. Alongside its complimentary offering, CraftR also offers premium features, as well as forms of engagement between users, such as various competitions between publishers. Through this unique approach the company is giving users the possibility to interact with a functional product and to follow its development in real time. Moving forward, CraftR’s plan to enhance its already impressive success is release a creative CraftR “...this dynamic firm has many invigorating projects to help it drive the industry and itself to even greater heights throughout 2019 and further into the future.” Jun19242 CraftR development environment; a modular program that can be installed on computers that allow users to develop projects of any type relating to the categories of the marketplace. Alongside this, the firm intends to also create a VR marketplace. Through the virtual reality users will explore the store as in reality, with the possibility of interaction with products. Ultimately, these developments will help CraftR to continue to disrupt the Blockchain market and drive clients to see the benefits of its creative solutions. The firm’s team hopes that one day the Fintech market will be well integrated into the network. This has opened up a world of new business and financial opportunities, and can be compared with the advent of websites or mobile applications. As the market continues to grow and flourish, so too does CraftR, and this dynamic firm has many invigorating projects to help it drive the industry and itself to even greater heights throughout 2019 and further into the future. Company: CraftR Contact: Willy Codoni Website: