FinTech Awards 2020 14 Wealth & Finance International - FinTech Awards 2020 APR2w2 4Stop’s platform brings together its proprietary real-time, anti-fraud technology paired with thousands of aggregated global data points and hundreds of premium global KYB and KYC data sources from a single API. Businesses can confidently anticipate risk and are empowered to make well-informed decisions that are backed by quantifiable data to manage regulatory obligations and fraud risk – accelerating their business performance. 4Stop’s technology understands compliance needs on a local and global scale and has been built in a manner to support both today’s needs and those of the future. The 4Stop KYB solution is leading the industry towards complete digital and fully automated business underwriting due diligence, onboarding, and ongoing management of business accounts. Businesses can easily configure customised KYB onboarding workflows to meet any compliance requirements. With just a few clicks, entities can search a global database for a company, select from a wide range of KYB data services available, and perform their due diligence with real-time risk analysis. From obtaining the business identity, business structure, website analysis through to FourStop GmbH (4Stop) specializes in providing leading KYB, KYC and compliance services, paired with proprietary anti-fraud technology and data science all available from a single API integration. After the firm’s resounding success in this years’ FinTech Awards, we take a closer look at how it is establishing a truly all-in-one solution for optimal risk management and fraud defence worldwide. Best Global End-To-End KYB Solution identifying shareholders, UBO’s and directors, operational performances, compliance adherence, and much more. 4Stop’s KYB solution is the way forward. By the end of the process, businesses obtain all the data they require in one location with an array of case management tools, allowing for the most effective and efficient review of risk and management of their underwriting. Anti-fraud technology is a vital part of the process, and 4Stop’s technology provides an automated and multi-faceted rules engine that performs real- time analysis, automated dynamic decision-making frameworks, and risk monitoring with real-time intelligence. For those using the KYB solution, users can apply risk thresholds and anti-fraud parameters to accompany their underwriting and business onboarding workflows. Once an entity is active they can effortlessly manage their relationship and configure ongoing automated AML checks, KYB rechecks and monitoring. Additionally, if they require KYC and anti-fraud services to support their active merchants, they can instantly enable them from 4Stop’s suite without the need for another integration. This way, businesses have full control of their onboarding and transactional management FourStop GmbH May20138 in a fully automated manner, customised per merchant, sub-merchant, region, type, market or industry, date or time and much more. With one centralised view of risk, overall monitoring becomes the single most efficient process possible with minimal requirement for manual intervention. Differentiating itself from other risk management solution providers in the industry, 4Stop established an all-in-one complete data orchestration hub that efficiently manages the entire life cycle of the KYB, KYC, compliance, and fraud prevention risk processes. Through the firm’s focus on aggregating APIs to support the risk industry, 4Stop has established the most extensive suite of global KYB and KYC data sources in the market, all available from a single integration. This single API works seamlessly for the client’s benefit. Also, it eliminates the cumbersome process that many businesses face in managing and activating their data services for compliance on a global scale, per localized regulation, and in a manner that does not require multiple integrations. Businesses experience the end-to-end solution that provides them with a single-view-of-risk to maximise their risk analysis and genuinely know and verify an entity. For businesses today, experience in managing risk is an attractive feature in a prospective partner. The founders of 4Stop collectively have sixty years’ experience in the risk management industry and have built a perfect firm for implementing risk management and compliance processes on a global scale to support the growth within digital transactions and the changing regulatory landscape. Knowing a business is crucial, and 4Stop is the perfect partner firm to ensure that companies today truly understand who they are doing business with and to have confidence in their risk mitigation. Company: FourStop GmbH Contact: Ingo Ernst - CEO Website: