Fintech Awards 2021

Wealth & Finance International - 2021 FinTech Awards 19 APR2w2 With a wealth of strategic experience in sales, marketing, SEO, change management, development and design, Inbound FinTech’s dynamic team has one shared goal: achieving impact and growth for its clients. The specialist team provides an unrivalled spectrum of services, from strategic marketing and lead generation support to sales enablement and paid campaign management. They provide an end-to-end service as well as bespoke growth packages which cater for any business requirement, whether it’s a website development project or marketing campaign, or an ongoing retainer for various digital services. The agency supports businesses of any type and size, and it is awash with digital start-ups, with a track record of launching apps, brands, websites and go-to-market strategies for fintech start-ups, a big advantage for companies at the start of their journey or launching a new product. At the same time, it supports SMEs and larger organisations in scaling their operations. Its experienced team of paid media experts manage budgets of varying Inbound FinTech is a leading digital marketing and growth agency specialising in the fintech and financial services industry. It is a hybrid agency based in the UK with a global team of specialists and a worldwide client base. FinTech Marketing Agency of the Year 2021 sizes for driving awareness, leads, acquisition or reaching growth goals. Inbound FinTech’s primary focus as a growth agency is to identify a client’s key challenges and customer pain points and use its proven inbound methodology to help them overcome these challenges and deliver strategies that address and provide solutions. It knows the common challenges, pitfalls and opportunities that businesses are exposed to, which is vital for identifying specific needs and requirements. This is done with a truly bespoke approach. No two clients are the same. They have different needs, pain points and company objectives. Inbound FinTech understands the wider business objectives and builds a strategic plan, tech stack and sales and marketing plans around these. Advanced AI, machine learning and ABM (account-based marketing) techniques are also used to ensure targeting is precise and that the most can be made of automation capabilities. These cutting-edge tools and techniques enable Inbound FinTech the agency to plan wisely to get the best result for its clients and continuously optimise and improve performance. Specifically, within the fintech industry, Inbound FinTech works with a wide range of clients with a variety of business offerings, from remittance and FX providers to trading platforms and digital security solutions. So, it is always abreast of the latest innovations and fintech solutions available to businesses and customers. And it also prides itself on growing its industry knowledge and developing its inhouse expertise, from training, certifications and knowledge shares to events and webinars. While the pandemic forced many companies to embrace remote working and transform their internal systems and processes to continue to operate and deliver their services under various restrictions, Inbound FinTech already had remote and flexible working built into its agency culture, and experience of working with various digital software solutions and app-based communications and project management tools. This agile working model is a big contributor to its success, enabling the agency to work extremely closely with its clients. This collaborative approach allows it to better understand what the client needs and how it can best support them to reach their goals. It is also a Diamond-Tier HubSpot Agency, meaning it is one of the world’s leading HubSpot Solution Partners. By utilising the power of the HubSpot CRM and other innovative software platforms, it captures and analyses data and uses the insights to optimise websites and campaigns. Indeed, times are exciting for Inbound FinTech. It is growing fast and scaling at pace. And its focus for the rest of 2021 and beyond is to continue expanding, growing and learning, whilst applying the latest and most innovative techniques to better serve its clients. It aims to be established as the go-to agency for fintech and financial services businesses, whilst moving towards Elite partner status at HubSpot. Company: Inbound FinTech Contact: Sheila Mitham Email: [email protected] Website: