Fintech Awards 2021 20 Wealth & Finance International - 2021 FinTech Awards APR2w2 Together Yolt and Yolt Technology Services (YTS) have the unique opportunity to spread benefits of Opening Banking even further, enabling anyone to achieve their full potential. From day one, YTS has embraced the idea of open banking, and helped make it a reality. It co-created the UK Open Banking framework and started a movement by bringing life to the Yolt app and building an engaged community along the way. YTS was the first open banking provider to build API connections with all the UK’s CMA-9 and it has now made over 1.7 billion open banking API calls to date. It has extensive European coverage of bank APIs, covering all major banks across countries such as the UK, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Romania. YTS offers open banking connectivity for account information services (AIS) and payment initiation services (PIS) through its API network. YTS offers its open banking technology not just to its app, but to ING Group, Jortt and more, helping business across multiple sectors unlock potential through open banking. YTS has also recently partnered with Graydon and developed the Cashflow Analyser, making credit checks more efficient, accurate and less time-consuming. The YTS technology stack powers the Yolt app, using open banking technology to give everyone Yolt and YTS are two sides of a fast-growing financial technology company using open banking as a force for good. Combining the power of data across Yolt, a smart money app and Yolt Technology Services, a leading business-to-business Open Banking platform, to put financial control, choice and freedom into the hands of individuals, businesses, and their customers. Leading Innovators in Open Banking Solutions – Europe the power to be smart with their money. The money saving tools in the Yolt app, developed via Open Banking technology, help users take back control of their personal finances through setting budgets, tracking bills and subscriptions, earning in-app cashback on selected partners, and giving users the options to switch providers to save through Yolt’s in-app partners. Money management shouldn’t be an inconvenience; the fresh approach and smart insights come together to “yolt” people into action. The collaborative work between YTS and Yolt presents a unique position for the company as a fintech where it can explore both sectors of business to consumer (Yolt) and business to business (YTS). As a venture of ING Bank N.V., security is part of the company’s DNA, making sure customer data and connections are secure. For example, using double layers of encryption which give a secure and safe environment for customers. With the backdrop of COVID-19, Yolt has focused firmly on improving financial wellbeing – both separate from and connected to a growing mental health crisis related to the pandemic. With financial wellness and anxiety being a widening issue, Yolt’s money management tools and smart insights have Yolt and YTS May21548 helped people in their efforts to not overspend, and if they can, make savings along the way. Alongside this, the “Unthink Money” section on its website is aimed at changing the way people think about money, providing top tips and advice from leading experts. Transparency and clear communication have been critical in making sure Yolt is giving its audience the best possible service, from taking suggestions from the Yolt community, to offering clear and helpful money management tools to assist in evolving its users’ personal finances. Yolt & YTS are pragmatically curious to expand on their client care and to give the clearest and highest quality service possible. Exciting times are ahead for both Yolt and YTS, with the possibilities being endless. They will continue to innovate across their teams and to offer their services to accounting, lenders, payment providers, wealth management, real estate, online retail, utilities, fintech, tech, and other institutions’ financial journeys, where the limit is only their creativity. From ongoing development and innovation, they will continue to pave the way in Open Banking and prove all that is possible through the power of APIs and personal finance. Company: Yolt and Yolt Technology Services Contact: Amy Monro-Henderson Email: [email protected] Website: /