Fintech Awards 2021 26 Wealth & Finance International - 2021 FinTech Awards APR2w2 London-based software technology company, 10x has had a clear mission from the beginning: to make banking 10 times better for customers, banks, and society – hence the name. At the heart of achieving this, was building a transformational, cloud native core banking platform. One that completely re-imagined the traditional banking architecture and prioritised next-generation technology. Powered by such a capability, banks can increase their speed to market with new or updated financial products, reduce their total cost of ownership, and ease the burden of regulatory compliance. By offering a brand-new technology stack, 10x is making a client bank’s infrastructure 10x better. More than this, it enables a more agile business model overall as well as a more intuitive experience for the end user. 10x is built on a core organising idea: make it simple, make it fast, make it easy. The approach helped forge a flexible and modular operating 10x has built the world’s most comprehensive core banking platform, enabling banks the world over to deliver next-generation financial services to their customers and communities. The demands on banks are changing. Rapidly. And legacy technology is no longer fit-for-purpose in a digital world. 10x is helping to usher in a new era of cloud native digital capabilities to make banking 10x better: enabling banks to remain agile, competitive and in-step with their customers. Helping banks stay relevant for the future. 10x has a vision: to reliably underpin the banking experiences of one billion customers of the world’s largest banks over the next decade. This vision is getting closer by the day, as the company works with clients in a variety of geographies, launching new services and capabilities in their respective markets. From greenfield banks to BaaS platforms, the mission is to make the industry 10x better. Anewera of banking - 10xwin Best Next-Generation Banking platform (UK) system, SuperCore TM . A single ledger that enables a highly configurable product model, which in turn allows banks to radically simplify their technology. A microservices based architecture and API-lead design, means that a bank can easily plug into the platform, and build market-leading solutions, with 10x at their core. Delivered as a SaaS platform, SuperCore TM is cloud native, secure, and scalable. Clients can better navigate and harness changing customer trends effectively, as well as address regulatory requirements and respond to market conditions and opportunities. That is exactly what Westpac, Australia’s very first bank did, launching a next-generation Banking-as a-Service platform, powered by 10x technology, running on AWS. The BaaS opportunity emerged at the confluence of technical capabilities and regulatory change, and it created a unique opportunity to re-imagine 10x Banking Jun21814 financial services. Westpac entered this space with a bold vision for digital transformation, embracing a new business model in parallel to their existing business. Through the BaaS platform, Westpac can service new customers with fresh approaches, in collaboration with 10x. Going live in a staggeringly quick 18 months, 10x were a key part of the paradigm shift in how new products and services can be spun up. The BaaS platform has opened the bank up to different ways of working with new partners in and beyond financial services. They are going to market with exciting partners such as Afterpay and SocietyOne and have great ambitions for the future. With a deeply experienced leadership team, both across financial services and technology, 10x is expertly positioned to serve banks with digital aspirations, globally. With an oversubscribed $187 million Series C investment round announced recently, co-led by BlackRock and Canada Pension Plan funding and with previous investors and clients re-investing, this is only the beginning for 10x: furthering its expansion into yet more different geographies, as well as continuously developing SuperCore TM , joining more clients on their transformation journey, reshaping the future of banking. Company: 10x Banking Contact: Katie Draper Website: