Fintech Awards 2021 4 Wealth & Finance International - 2021 FinTech Awards APR2w2 OpticWise, a company dedicated to helping commercial real estate professionals to face the challenges put in front of them by the new digital age, is a unique solution that that monetises technology assets. Similarly, OpticWise addresses common problems faced by the modern workforce as it takes a forward step into the new paradigm of remote work. This includes addressing the issues that residential tenants face when using commercial buildings in different ways, or finding their spaces being used for entirely new purposes, both of which are challenges that were seeded and propagated during the pandemic as the world adjusted to a socially distanced structure. Bill Douglas, CEO of OpticWise, has spent his career reimagining how to apply technological innovations. These technological initiatives are something that he wished to negate the risk of in the commercial real estate (CRE) industry, guiding the future of the sector towards something empowered by the latest advances instead of held back by more traditional means that very rarely evolve without prompting. Fundamentally, this created improved user experiences (UX) for the consumer and improvde profit margins for CRE owners across the board, made especially important as the dust of the pandemic begins to settle. With an in-depth knowledge of private, secure, and mobile connectivity as a new essential utility, OpticWise is able to apply years of experience in the design and implementation of such property technology solutions for multi-tenant properties. Despite such amenities becoming more and more important in the modern world, connectivity is still one of the last things considered when it comes to property development. OpticWise, in essence, wishes to buck this trend, showing landlords how much easier it can be to have an substantial revenue model in place for the landlord, and addressing the big challenge of connectivity, data, futureproofing, IoT, and operational integration, as well as security, mobility, content, and connectivity. OpticWise’s smart scenario delievers IT networks and operational technology to increase revenue whilst decreasing overhead. Additionally, Urging in a new era for property technology, OpticWise is quickly making itself a darling of its industry with increasingly brilliant user experiences and innovative proptech solutions. Over the years it has been in operation, taken on by current CEO Bill Douglas in 2015, it has made its name in revolutionising connectivity for both offices and residences, creating savings for end users and revenue for proprietors. PropTech Visionary of the Year 2021 - USA OpticWise’s work is built to the satisfaction of the end user as well as the direct client, and an integral part of its solutions has been the attitude of CEO Bill Douglas, the ‘resilience guy’. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a mechanical engineering education, further empowered after a near miss with a deadly coral snake, he set up OpticWise after cutting his teeth on the setup of multiple companies and finding the industry vertical that called to him most – ensuring resilience in the IT industry. Bill joined OpticWise in 2015 when it was already 12 years old, beginning work with its existing team to make it the best it could possibly be. Furthermore, all of this fed into continuing OpticWise’s work in solving problems for its industry, streamlining digital infrastructures and correlating options for management; it applies consistently scalable, unique software that gives freedom, privacy, and controls to a new and agile tenant. Whilst all this is massively complex from OpticWise’s side of things, it works hard to ensure that it is not confusing or weighed down by jargon on the client and end-user’s side. Providing a property branded service, OpticWise is quick to mention how it differs from its competition. Not just about the internet, OpticWise is about allowing building owners to benefit from the assets of their own property, taking the bloatware out of the old systems in order to allow tenants to be more secure, mobile, and pay less, and allowing the property owner to enhance their income. It can also accomplish this for voice, hosting, security, and many other services – and they are excited to work with forward-thinking clients to ascertain how it may best help them – granting tenants the ability to roam the entire properly securely and privately on their own network. It is not just invaluable for a residential setting, however. In a business environment, OpticWise can give roles-based access controls to certain employees and staff members that can map directly to a single sign on system, meaning that tenant companies’ workers can work from anywhere and still achieve an extremely high standard of work inside of their corporate-secured OpticWise May21602 network. This solution in particular makes OpticWise unique; and moreover, tenants don’t have to do any work in order to build out the network – it already exists, the property owner owns it and therefore all tenants benefit accordingly. Furthermore, OpticWise has a technical solution called 5S™. It is the premier branded connectivity solution that ensures seamless mobility, speed, stability, security, and service, providing stakeholders with the best result they could possibly want and end users with a service that ‘just works’. Being totally private, completely watertight in terms of security, scalable in its width and breadth, and a positive impact on a property’s bottom line, the objective of this particular solution lies in fostering a complete about-change in the value equation for real estate owners and proprietors. In this way, it turns what would normally be a massive overhead into a hassle-free retention tool, and a centre for further profit. OpticWise is aware that in order for a business to flourish, it must first have a unified core; therefore, it has funnelled significant effort into making its team one that keeps its clients at the forefront, facilitating exemplary communication between designers, architects, engineers, and customer service professionals. Above all, Bill and OpticWise believe that its core mission is generating net operating income for clients. With a guiding philosophy that complex systems should be elegant, invisible, and easy to use, it promises to always go above and beyond for its clients and their end users in order enable the vision for the modern office and contemporary residential community. This ensures that a client has a competitive advantage over the rest of the real estate market, one that grants them full control of systems, and benefits all involved. Furthermore, despite the fact that its growth was further accelerated in the crucible of the pandemic, OpticWise is confident that its longstanding growth history and relevance will not fade, even as people begin to go back to offices. Its systems work for both the residential and business setting, after all, and in an increasingly connected world, a better solution for