Fintech Awards 2022 10 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 FinTech Awards APR2w2 NESTECH – a name that stands for Naturally Encrypted Secure Technologies – is a company dedicated to creating the best in individual private security in the digital world. Fundamentally, it offers omni-network control of authenticated digital assets to businesses and individuals all over the world, creating the bespoke systems and easily accessible ledger technologies that have been adapting the infrastructure of modern business for the better. These easily accessible distributed ledger technologies, DLTs, work to reorganise and remodel consumer software in order to better the quality of consumer software in terms of its confidentiality, secured user access, ownership, As a digital restructuring and encryption service that focuses on the security and use of data as an asset, NESTECH has made itself a front-runner of protected participation and exchange across all FinTech functions and services. Combining traditional onboarding and financial elements with the new, bold, and brave innovations coming out of this relatively new market on a daily basis, its clients are enjoying omni-network control of their business assets without the fuss. Most Innovative CrossChain Asset Control Blockchain Platform - UK and control of the other decentralised FinTech solutions that may already exist within a business. Nominally, it wishes to provide flexible and empathic business structure solutions that are both user-led and real-world applicable. Its services have been strictly developed to fit around a few different structural types, making its name through incredibly personalised and client-focused technological services that truly put the customer’s future and success at the very core of the business in a reliable manner. In order to do this, it has established four primary focal points. Firstly, it uses a bespoke layer and zero-to-one blockchain network in its restructuring efforts, developing its solutions to be utterly unique to it and its clients by applying all the considerable knowledge available to it through its team. Secondly, its B2B engagement portal called AERIE gives clients a great new way to remain abreast of the market by keeping in constant contact with its peers, partners, and competitors, helping them to remain connected and in the loop in a world where the only real way to achieve this effectively is through digital means. The penultimate pillar of this business is its B2C mobile application, NEST, and the final is its volary utility token. The NEST system has become world renowned for its true and intensive interoperability, able to allow users access to an omni-blockchain network of controls that spans all manner of digital systems. Its self-sovereign decentralised IDs (SSDID) quantum-proof encrypted data storage, including click-to-create blockchain nods, instant minting of digital assets and tokenisation, and other such protocols, work well across all major platforms and networks, securing NESTECH as a household name in the information technology market. Confidential, dependable, and user intuitive, it has made itself available on desktop and mobile in order to provide over 50 features in geo-location, augmented reality, dynamic asset provenance, and full lifecycle ticketing that make use of userengagement solutions. The NESTECH ecosystem use cases, partners, and projects in order to continually improve, too. Far from resting on its laurels, this company is one that seeks continuous growth and development on an upward trajectory, using the most cutting edge of industry developments in order to position itself as something truly user-led and top-of-therange, forever accommodating the latest and most eclectic developments. Thus, its clients have May22334