Fintech Awards 2022

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 FinTech Awards 15 APR2w2 mbsl is a leading player within the fintech industry. The company provides finance organisations with software solutions that seamlessly integrate across business lines and divisions, offering effective ways for its clients to run their businesses in the digital sphere. Indeed, mbsl formulate and implement bespoke and sophisticated financial software solutions that are able to satisfy the specific needs of its clients, this is, in part, thanks to its three decades of experience in the fintech market. The company supplies a range of services and products, including the enormously popular finPOWER Connect. Created by Intersoft Systems, the solution was developed specifically for the demanding financial sector. Its extensive list of advantages includes a robust product core and mbsl is a leading provider of fintech software solutions, such as finPOWER Connect. With over 30 years of knowledge backing the company, mbsl is certainly a force to be reckoned with. API, a built-in interface that connects the user to government agencies, all major Australian and New Zealand banks, credit bureaus, ID verification services, and more. For almost 30 years, mbsl has been a preferred dealer of the finPOWER products, and therefore, it boasts a deep understanding of the industry leading technology. When announcing mbsl as Dealer of the Year 2021, Intersoft Systems commented: “They continue to offer an outstandingly high level of service and commitment to their clients, backed with an in-depth working knowledge of finPOWER Connect. Their ability to match the finPOWER Connect functionality with their client requirements allows them to deliver real improvements to mbsl May22398 systems and processes for their clients. This is all done with a high degree of professionalism.” Such offerings tie into mbsl’s fundamental goal. The company endeavours to create better returns on origination investments, and its expertise within the tailored automation of credit control processes is bolstering this mission. It is pushing for the betterment of procedures, lending operations, and cycle times. Of course, it is this drive, accompanied by a solid corporate foundation, that has enabled mbsl to not only build a niche in the industry, but also become a recognisable figure. Key to this success is their employees who have significantly contributed to its achievements and have consistently been the driving force behind the company. Its employees have the expertise needed to provide the best possible service and guidance in all facets of the loan management market. Moreover, each team member contributes a unique set of skills. As such, many of mbsl’s team members have been with the company for over 15 years and have engaged in consistent upskilling in order to ensure that they can deliver the company’s high standards of service. These elements have culminated in a wealth of success for the business, and as a result, it has set itself up for an abundant future. With the recent release of a Strategic Plan advising of significant changes to finPOWER Connect, mbsl predicts exciting times ahead for itself and its clients. Its clients understand that finPOWER Connect is a continually evolving product and that their businesses may need to adapt and change to meet the challenges invoked by fast moving technology. Contact: Sandra McCorkindale Company: McCorkindale Business Solutions Limited (mbsl) Web Address: Best Financial Software Development Company 2022 - Australasia