Fintech Awards 2022 18 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 FinTech Awards APR2w2 BreezeMove was created to take the stress out of moving house by being a secure digital platform for estate agents, buyers, sellers, and solicitors. By enabling them to track and update progress on property transactions – a no-risk and huge reward system that dramatically speeds up cases with high magnitude. The founders approached the problems they saw in previous conveyance processes from two angles: the consumer and the professionals. Leveraging their experiences and knowledge as property developers to create a more straightforward and transparent tool and service for the job. BreezeMove aims to make things quicker and easier during property transactions, hoping to make moving a breeze for buyers, sellers, agents, and solicitors. It speeds up slow completion times by obtaining relevant information upfront (instead of down the road as is customary); the business became early adopters of the BASPI property information forms and has them filled out digitally at the beginning of the process. Additionally, the platform consolidates other important documents such as ID and AML Buying and selling a house is an intricate process for everyone involved. Transactions can take months; all parties can chase after documentation and communications in a stressful dance. But BreezeMove makes that entire process far more straightforward. Awarded Online Home Moving Platform of the Year – UK, it is worth marvelling at the innovations to take the edge off the house moving system. checks, property information forms and solicitors’ instructions to ensure everything remains in one easily accessed location. Additionally, the action of chasing updates is made easier with BreezeMove’s ‘checkpoint road map’ and instant updates which put all involved parties at ease and inform when communication is to be expected (whilst putting it all in a single place). These are just a few of the innovations and conveniences it has made to make cases easier to follow and quicker to handle. Often finishing up the transactions in the range of 8-11 weeks, as opposed to the national average of 18-20+. This improvement and efficiency speaks for itself. Competitors have attempted to replicate the BreezeMove model but do so by charging huge fees or demanding a high percentage of the sale. But that completely goes against the no-risk, seamless service that BreezeMove offers. It is a free service for estate agents and consumers to join and use, not charging anything at any stage. Then solicitors pay a nominal referral fee split with the agent at the close of the sale. It has bolstered its team to deal with a marked increase in case volumes. Additionally, as the team expands out of necessity, BreezeMove is also planning to grow to a size where it can have full nationwide coverage. Having built up their base in the North West they have begun expanding out words into the Midlands, North East, Wales, London and further south. The BreezeMove team already has a history of turning ambition into reality and we are excited to see its current plans come into fruition. The BreezeMove system is inspired. To see problems with a lengthy, complex system and create a tool to fix it is impressive on its own, but for it to be so easily accessible, and many times more efficient than the method it is replacing and free, is jaw-dropping. The Online Home Moving Platform of the Year – UK is genuinely remarkable, Online Home Moving Platform of the Year – UK May22345 and the team’s continued expansion will bring its remarkable service to many more who will benefit from it. Contact: Phil Melia Company: BreezeMove Web Address: