Fintech Awards 2022 22 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 FinTech Awards APR2w2 SkenData is a multi-award-winning German technology company providing valuation services. The technology is based on the creation of digital twins for the entire building stock of a country by combining data from different data sites. It approaches situations in this manner as the entire building stock is available in a database for posterity. The technology covers residential buildings, office buildings and buildings with mixed residential and commercial sites and allows a wide range of data. With the introduction of “Wert14”, SkenData is Germany’s market leader in digital building valuation. The tool for determining the sum insured has already been on the market for years. Numerous well-known insurance companies (including Allianz, ERGO, VHV and SparkassenVersicherung) use the tool daily, declaring underinsurance waivers when using “Wert14”. More than 30,000 users (insurers, insurance brokers, agencies and pools, underwriters, claims adjusters) use “Wert14” every day. Since 2022, the high level of detail of SkenData has also enabled the calculation of energy efficiency-related key figures (ESG-KPIs: energy demand, the CO2 equivalent, and the energy efficiency class), which have become extremely important due to the EU taxonomy. Furthermore, a DIN-compliant energy demand certificate will soon be available. “SkenData Portfolio Energy” automatically calculates buildings’ energy efficiency and CO2 equivalents with a digital twin. Taking the information from the databases, this complex procedure uses data and a 3D model of the building to do its readings. SkenDatas technology differs drastically from its competitors. The speed, accuracy and ease of use are outstanding. In addition to prefilling data and providing automatic values, the SkenData online tool offers a quick journey to accurate results. And the results are made available in PDF, Excel or via API formats. Due to the EU taxonomy, the ESG guidelines, and the climate protection goals, new requirements are arising for new and existing businesses across many industries. A radical change is taking place, and with “SkenData Portfolio Energy”, SkenData is now providing the matching tool that digitally calculates the CO2 equivalents and energy efficiency classes of buildings. To implement the European Green Deal and the German Climate Protection Act, there is an urgent need to determine buildings’ energy efficiency classes and CO2 balances. To achieve the climate protection target, the requirements for new and existing businesses must be rethought for insurers, banks, asset managers, and the housing industry. Therefore, the focus for 2022 has remained on the energetic consideration of buildings, maintaining sustainability in connection with the EU taxonomy and ESG criteria. As such, SkenData has developed a digital online solution to assess the ESG KPIs of buildings (CO2 equivalent, energy efficiency class and energy demand). A digital energy demand certificate will be able to be created soon with SkenData. All of this completes the energy assessment process. InsurTech Company of the Year Europe & Best Digital Building Valuation Tool Europe: Wert14 Jun22040 SkenData is an impressive organisation whose commitment to both the constant improvement of its tools and to meeting government and EU expectations is staggering. From its wellestablished trust and relationship among insurance providers to its measures to make its tools quicker and more convenient, it is set apart from many other organisations across the planet. SkenData is worthy of every praise it receives and will undoubtedly go on to earn further commendations. Contact: Inga Linow Company: SkenData GmbH Web Address: SkenData GmbH