Fintech Awards 2022

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 FinTech Awards 33 APR2w2 As a deep technology business, FNA provides a range of solutions to network issues that are faced throughout its sphere, from banks to financial authorities, financial institutions, and national security organizations. FNA does an excellent job with problem solving with its Supervisory Technology (SupTech), RTGS Stress Testing, and Loan Data Analytics. These technologies allow for its clients to deal with or foresee any issues with relation to emerging credit risks and potential systemic implications in real-time. Trusted by the world’s leading central banks, financial institutions, and national security organisations, FNA works with Payments Canada, CME Group, Ripple, departments of treasury and defense USA, and many more. Its clients benefit from its AI-driven network analysis that is expertly deployed via its platform. Its seamless flow of simulation and optimization severely reduces firms’ intraday liquidity peaks and usage – whilst simultaneously optimizing their payment scheduling. Network analytics can help us to optimize performance, reliability, visibility, and security across many industries. And, with quality at heart, FNA aids and values its many clients. This business stands tall as it helps others to optimize their businesses. Here we learn more about FNA’s pioneering platform that is changing the way we understand network analytics. FNA’s platform can help us to retrieve, connect, and combine data from sources and resolve any datasets for extensive analysis. By doing so, FNA can resolve network issues through its interactive dashboard. By simulating settlement and payment systems, FNA explores difficult processes to turn them into seamless actionable insights – so that you can feel the benefit for your business. The real-time mapping of sensitive, important data can be a difficult task to navigate however, with the power of FNA, anyone can experience superior automated data visualization algorithms – that offer the chance to swiftly gain insight into their collected and combined data. Not only does FNA’s platform map data, but it simulates data that acts as a global payment or settlement system – so that organizations can adapt to transformational changes. Transformational changes are anything from regulatory requirements to new market entrants DeepTech Innovator of the Year – UK May22494 including CBDCs – and they can be navigated using FNAs AI solutions. With over 300 algorithms, the FNA platform introduces a new and more efficient way of managing risk. This translates to the correct handling of complex problems, and its early warning indicators are based on machine learning payments and market behaviour monitoring, so that its clients can rest assured that their business is in the right hands – and they will also know that they can save time and money when working with FNA. Winning DeepTech Innovator of the Year – UK is something to be truly proud of, and we know that FNA is only going to continue expanding and aiding those who need it. We look forward to seeing what it does in the future. Contact: Saiesha Pitroda Company: FNA Web Address: