Fintech Awards 2022 6 Wealth & Finance International - 2022 FinTech Awards APR2w2 A peer-to-peer financing platform with a difference, Nester has forged a reputation for exemplary property investment opportunities. Fundamentally, it works hard to help individuals discover, invest in, and reap the benefits from investment properties, as well as offering exclusive and alternative options for those seeking to finance a property outside of traditional banking. Nester understands the restrictions that such traditional means put on a customer, and it hopes that its efforts will be able to help clients continually circumvent them by way of ethical, accessible, and simple to understand products that place the customer’s satisfaction as a core priority. Critically, its community of ‘Nesters’ has grown due to the market segment’s great appreciation of its work, and how much it has dedicated itself to their benefit. FCA approved, Shariah compliant, and UK based, its 2 main products encompass a wide range of capabilities and exist as a great example of modern innovation in financial services, showing the world that there are indeed newer and better methods other than those offered by the industry stalwarts. For those seeking to request finance, it offers buy-to-let, light refurbishment, and bridged financing options. Alongside this, it has a section on its platform that has been custom-built for investors and their challenges, allowing those who are interested in diversifying their portfolios to invest in new property through means that allow them to make fully informed choices about the properties in that market. Therefore, it has been able to build a community of confident investors and high-flying clientele, all of whom benefit from its front-running and people-focused work. For its customers and peers alike, the name of Nester has become synonymous with inclusive, barrier-breaking banking systems that get rid of roadblocks lying in the way of those seeking higher potential from their investments. Nominally, it believes in financial empowerment for all. It also uses the latest technology to ensure that its products are well crafted, efficient, and easy to use for the customers, with its online platform being built entirely in-house by its very A deeply talent-driven and people focused investments company, Nester is becoming the new answer for investments and property financing that avoids having to deal with the minutia of traditional banking. With such hurdles being an incredibly difficult roadblock for many communities, Nester has built itself a reputation since its soft launch at the end of 2021 for being the bold new idea that will promote fresh ways of thinking about investment opportunities by using the best and most innovative new ideas of the financial technology field. own technologically front-running experts. Legally, its online platform has been built entirely in-house so that it can legally own all the relevant data provided, easily able to keep updating it on a consistent basis in order to keep it in line with its own customers’ goals and expectation. After all, maintaining the kind of excellence that its customers have come to expect is the most pivotal part of its business. Staying ahead of the game with its hardworking and forward-thinking attitude to proactive platform development, it is taking the stress and intimidation out of property investment by minimising the associated risk, as well as making the process of getting involved that much easier. Moreover, its partnerships with both Creditsafe and Goji services have made this even more of a stable pillar of its business. Both are reputable enough to carry out careful checks that ensure everyone requesting finance is thoroughly vetted to decrease risk to its investors’ money, meaning that everyone can invest with confidence, with cash being handled through a totally secure digital wallet. This people-focused approach is something that it is consistently proud of. Utilising this in order to create a safe online community for its clientele, it has poured its decades worth of commitment, experience, and expertise into every aspect of its platform, from property to investment, real estate, and law. Importantly, each of these different elements help it to serve the communities that have largely been ignored or under-served by the mainstream banking industry, happy to help talk its clients through all manner of different services and solutions so that they have a comprehensive understanding of what it can offer them. This means that it is constantly in contact with its investors at any given moment, ready and willing to share its knowledge in order to provide its highly accessible products to its target market. A large part of this is transparency. It is uninterested in upselling its clients, instead focused on getting to know each client and their needs through social media platforms and other such methods, fostering healthy, open, and honest channels of Most Innovative Property Investments Platform - UK Jun22087 communication that benefit all parties involved. Moreover, it also boasts a telegram group through which anyone and everyone is invited to ask all questions they may have regarding investment, property, or Nesters services in general. It is through this telegram group that it likes to create lively discussions on the group that encourage all customers to give it critique and commentary, allowing it to improve its services as a direct result by being able to collate and act on any criticisms that a customer might bring before it. With this being the hub of community, education, encouragement, and direct communication, it has been able to be so much more than a company to its clients. Indeed, it and its staff have faces and names, and its interactions with them allow an intensely humanised and personalised approach to investment that sets it head and shoulders above its peers. Additionally, at Nester, a core belief is change. Change for the company, change for the industry, and change for the world, all by the impeccable service of its clients and by lobbying for better treatment of customers in the macro scale in pushing for multiple law changes that accommodate alternative finance options. Crushing barrier after barrier in order to dismantle the paradigm of having no other option but traditional banking for several different elements of life and livelihood, its team have truly levelled the playing field in the legal arena, and kicked off important conversations that have provoked landmark change. Nester’s founders – Youness Abidou and Mohammed Paracha – are law, investment, Islamic finance, and property titans in and of themselves, and it is their drive and tenacity this will allow Nester to keep pushing forward towards its bright future. Nominally, this will mean going from its current soft launch to its hard launch after breaking the £1 million milestone earlier this year, and it expects to keep going from strength to strength moving forward. Company: Nester Contact: Youness Abidou Website: