Wealth & Finance International - Fund Awards 2015

www.wealthandfinance-intl.com 15 Adiant Capital Partners Best Renewable Energy Infrastructure Fund – Adiant Capital Partners Adiant Capital Partners (“Adiant”) is a privately-held, independent investment platform founded in 2011 by Dr. Nils Hammon and Pierre-Loïc Caïjo, two private equity professionals who have worked together within Goldman Sachs’ Prin- cipal Investment Area in London. The firm, headquartered in Switzerland with a presence in Frankfurt, Germany and Paris, France, currently operates in the energy infrastructure space and aims at offering differentiated and innovative investment products to its investor client base. The founders got in touch with us to talk about their company as well as the thriving renewable energy sector. Company: Adiant Capital Partners Name: Pierre-Loïc Caïjo Email: [email protected] Web: www.adiantcapital.com Address: Adiant Advisors GmbH, Pilettes, 3, CH-1705 Fribourg, Switzerland Telephone: +41 44 3083 950 When launching Adiant, the founders were fully aware that raising a first-time fund with a first-time team would add to the challenge of a then very difficult fundraising environment. Considering this, the founders decided from the onset to base the core values of the firm on innovation and product differentiation, superior investment market knowledge and transparency. The founders also were convinced that the global energy infrastructure sector, in particular renewable infrastructure, would continue to be a very appealing and dynamic area of investment. “The renewable infrastruc- ture sector has been and remains one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy globally and probably the sector with the highest investment potential in volume over the decades to come.” indicated Dr. Hammon. The firm’s first investment vehicle Adiant Solar Opportunities (“ASO”) was designed with these values in mind: it is the first investment vehicle exclusively dedicated to investing in the construction phase of solar assets. ASO’s strategy has to date proven successful with average return in excess of 40%. The founders have since grown the company and assembled a very competent team comprising 13 individuals with a range of expertise encompassing private equity and infrastructure investment, project finance, project development and management, and fund placement. Prior to working with Adiant, the team members have collectively de- ployed in excess of € 5 billon of investors’ capital in a range of industrial sectors and a variety of private equity situations, working for organisa- tions such as Apollo Management, Goldman Sachs, BNP Paribas Clean Energy Partners, Capital Dynamics or Climate Change Capital. The team has also raised c. € 2 billon across three prior funds. With respect to the renewable energy sectors alone, the team has invested in more than 300MWp in solar and 600MW in wind power. Two senior executives, who each have established leading global financial institutions, have also joined Adiant’s advisory panel. In 2015 Adiant has received the Best Renewable Energy Infrastruc- ture Fund award. “The entire team feels very honoured to receive this award, especially given that it is given to the very first fund of the firm, Adiant Solar Opportunities.” commented Dr. Hammon. About Adiant Solar Opportunities The first investment vehicle of Adiant, Adiant Solar Opportunities (“ASO”), addresses the liquidity gap between construction-ready solar projects and long-term hold investors not willing or able to invest in the construction phase. In doing so, ASO captures highly attractive arbitrage opportunities.

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