Wealth & Finance International - Fund Awards 2015

www.wealthandfinance-intl.com 31 Armstrong Investment Managers LLP Best UK Multi Asset Fund - AIM Multi Asset Having fostered an environment of collaboration and knowledge sharing, where each individual brings a unique exper- tise to an investment, operational or distribution effort, has allowed AIM to remain flexible and open to the requirements of all investors. The varied backgrounds of our staff ensure diversification when filtering decisions and critically lower any operational risks. It is this type of knowledge which led to our UCITS products put us ahead of many firms just now looking for similar solutions. Dr. Ana Armstrong’s knowledge of asset allocation, developed over 20 years, provides clients with the assurance they need to understand that their capital is protected and managed to the highest standard. Through her expert management, the team strives to combine the experience and reliability of an institution, with the client-focus of a boutique firm. AIM is extremely proud to be the recipient of this award as it helps to demonstrate our commitment to providing our leading UCITS solution for the multi-asset investment product range. The strengthening of our business in terms of team, distribution network and proprietary invest- ment strategies employed, allows for the strict focus on risk management which in turn ensures that we are always well place to deal with volatility shocks, yet still generate returns for the client. The ever-growing and increasingly competitive investment landscape makes investors and their advisors face tougher tasks in finding the right opportunities and solutions which best suit their requirements. It is through awards such as this one that we establish connections between investors and the established managers who suit the provision of solu- tions being sought. An FCA regulated asset manager, AIM is focussed on providing struc- tured financial solutions to a diverse international client base. Our in- house team of fund managers and analysts continually create excellent results for our clients. Ensuring that the solutions we provide to our clients achieve practical, sustainable and successful financial results for the future is our focus. Our current services include: structured solutions to increase liquidity for existing portfolios, Liquidity solutions to private equity investors, access to an existing Multi Asset fund, an award Global Macro fund and a UK OEIC, funds to an Irish UCITS/QIAIF platform onshore and segregated managed accounts To ensure that a fund performs to its full potential we always start with the risk budget of the fund; from there, we look at the weight of each po- sition determined on the level of conviction and fits marginal contribution to risk. The risk is used interactively in portfolio construction where we apply quantitative models, developed of the last two decades to identify the best opportunities. This investment process is built on a set of key beliefs which are: • The pursuit of excellence requires significant investment in human capital. • The interaction of model driven trade and discretionary beliefs is the key to long run out-performance. • Peer reviewed research and development are required to identify strategic opportunities. • Our research mandate focuses on: • Generating superior alpha by identifying asset pricing anomalies; • Generating superior returns by harvesting risk premia within ex-ante volatility bounds. • Our investment mantra allocates between contrarian and trend following strategies, value/growth and carry investing, within and across asset classes. • Inflation is the ultimate destroyer of long run purchasing power. Real diversification is a key component of our investment beliefs. Working closely with academic development and concepts involving as- set allocation, quantitative modelling, risk premia, portfolio construction and risk management, we have developed the following strategies which have delivered a robust return during the recent market sell-off: • Cross-sectional momentum (across US, UK and EU equities) • Time-series momentum (across FX, Commodities and EQ Index futures) • Carry (within FX and Commodities futures markets) The trends we have found most prevalent over the last year is the robust portfolio solutions which focus on cross sectional models being both long and short different market segments. Asset allocation calls are increasingly difficult to make and there has been a distinct increase in the demand for multi-asset products which can invest across different asset classes. Keeping abreast of situations like these while we further develop our intellectual property, focus on quantitative and empirically tested investment modes while expanding into other markets such as the Middle East and Asia are all in our sight for the not-to-distant future.

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