Wealth & Finance International - Fund Awards 2015

www.wealthandfinance-intl.com 37 W ealth & Finance Fund Awards 20 15 BCM & PARTNERS SA Best Total Return Fund - C - Quadrat Euro Investments Plus BCM & PARTNERS SA, part of the C-QUADRAT Group with AUM of approximately USD 7 Billion, fully regulated in the UK, Austria and Germany, provides marketing and distribution services in Switzerland. They offer qualified investors two possible solutions to their financial needs: open ended investment funds managed out of the group’s London and Vienna offices and tailor made portfolio management. We spoke to them to find out more. Company: BCM & PARTNERS SA Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.c-quadrat.com Address: 1 Vine Street London W1J 0AH, UK Telephone: +44 207 925 8700 The C-QUADRAT Group is one of Europe’s most skilled and renowned counterparts in credit markets. Far from being a giant “detaining” an asset class, the firm provides a nimble, skilled and attractive risk/reward approach to investors’ needs. To this extent, constant investments are made in talented portfolio managers and in sophisticated risk manage- ment including legal, compliance and IT. Financial markets are interconnected and very reactive leaving no space for non-professionals. All of the firm’s professionals have not only a solid background, but are also fully committed to achieving the proposed financial targets whilst being within easy reach of investors. At BCM & Partners SA we believe any investment should be viewed as a medium term commitment rather than a short term lucky bite into a successful trend. BCM & Partners’ clients who entrust us with discre- tionary mandates should aim at capital conservation and at capital appreciation over the medium term. Should this be required, our clients’ financial needs are thoroughly discussed and analysed before a mutually satisfactory portfolio is put in place. Most of C-Quadrat’s investment funds are European regulated UCITS funds offering daily liquidity. The firm’s resistance at using leverage, although allowed, has been fully appreciated by investors who have never had to face any gate or similar hindrances in their contractual terms. Providing full strategy and portfolio transparency, together with a sustainable track record, is something the firm is very proud of. We believe these goals have so far been reached, among others, by the C - QUADRAT Euro Investments Plus, and this is why being awarded Best Total Return Fund is a great achievement for both our dedicated teams and our trustful investors.

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