Wealth & Finance International - Fund Awards 2015

www.wealthandfinance-intl.com 39 Midmarket Private Equity Fund of the Year Founded in 2006, Boyne Capital is a lower middle market private equity firm focused on acquiring businesses in the U.S. and Canada with revenues between $10 million and $100 million. We employ a deep value investment strategy around opportunistic industry themes and relationship-driven deal sourcing. For each investment, our team takes an active operating approach to driving value creation and monitoring performance. Since 2006, we have completed 9 platform acquisitions and 17 add-on acquisitions, which have collectively generated an over 4x multiple of invested capital and over 30% IRR to our investors (as of 7/31/2015). Boyne Capital portfolio companies include: • AmeriFactors – Discount, non-recourse factoring company based in Celebration, Florida. We are also seeking the acquisition of other specialty financing businesses and factoring portfolios. • Evolution Lighting – Consumer lighting and commercial products sold through big box retailers and industrial/arcitechtural channels based in Miami, Florida. We are also seeking the acquisition of LED lighting businesses, energy efficiency and energy audit busi- nesses, and companies that are selling lighting, vanity and other products through big box retailers. • Family Private Care – Private duty home nursing care company based in Hobe Sound, Florida. We are also seeking the acquisition of medicare certified home care agencies and private pay agencies or registries based in Florida or the Southeast. • Fulcrum IT – Data security and IT services company servicing federal agencies such as Department of Defense and Intelligence Agencies based in Manassas, VA. We are also seeking the acqui- sition of data assurance, cyber security, and IT staffing serving the same-end market. • Tender Greens – Grower, packer and shipper of distinctive tender leaf salad greens. Tender Greens is based in Florida with farming and distribution locations throughout the United States. We are also seeking the acquisition of geographic expansion of traditional farming operations as well as vertical, indoor and other controlled environment farming assets. Disciplined adherence to our core strategy and avoidance of investment style drift have been critical to the success for our firm and our invest- ments. We firmly believe that our success depends on the success of our team and we have focused on building the best team of profession- als possible. Our investors are our first priority in everything we do, be it our invest- ments, our communication or our service. Furthermore, we hold our- selves to the highest of ethical standards ensuring our constituents are treated properly. We appreciate the privilege and responsibility of being stewards of our investors’ capital. When we do the right thing by all of our constituents, whether it’s investors, management teams, employees, customers or communities, strong performance follows. Boyne serves a unique niche of the lower middle market investing. Given the nature of the small businesses we acquire, investors and competitors are challenged to access it efficiently. Our success rests on the network built by our team members over the last twenty years and our commitment and dedication to finding value in this small market segment. The effort required relative to the capital deployed per trans- action makes our segment unattractive to larger private equity firms or AUM managers, yet the returns relative to other parts of the private equity community make it compelling for Boyne and our investors. Furthermore, our disciplined adherence to a value-oriented investment strategy is very difficult for our industry peers to replicate. Over the years, we have developed the network, team and wherewithal to contin- ue to execute our strategy. Our firm is multi-disciplined by design. We have professionals from various fields ranging from corporate law, to private equity, to opera- tions, to finance and accounting. Despite our diversity, we are cohesive. We believe our clients appreciate and benefit from the multiple areas of expertise encompassed by our team as well as our honest and open communication style. We are unique in our flexibility to accommodate our investors’ needs. In addition to traditional funds, we provide significant direct co-investment opportunities to our partners. In our industry, capital is being committed to private equity funds at a rapid rate – almost the fastest rate in history. A tremendous overhang of capital commitments has caused many of our peers to shift strategies to deploy this capital. We have observed several of our peers move up mar- ket to acquire larger assets or pay more for smaller ones. The confluence of these factors and the relatively strong economy has been the cause of a very robust sellers’ market as of late in the private equity industry. Boyne prides itself on being a disciplined value investor with a track record of top quartile investor returns. We are pleased to be recognized for our successes, especially given the level of competition within the middle market private equity community. It is important to recognize positive contributions of participants in our industry as well as the successes of our competitors. It is satisfying that our team receives this level of recognition given the effort put forward and success generated for our investors. Looking further ahead, Boyne is exploring the idea of raising a new private equity fund. With strong demand from our existing investor base and new investors, we expect to continue our top-tier performance for a growing set of investors and other constituents.

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