Wealth & Finance International - Fund Awards 2015

www.wealthandfinance-intl.com 41 ChangJiang Asset Management(HK) Ltd (CJAM) is a subsidiary of ChangJiang Securities Holdings (HK) Limited, representing its ultimate holder of ChangJiang Securities Company Limited (Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Stock Code: 000783) to establish an asset management business unit for China and beyond. We spoke to Nelson Yan, Chief Investment Officer at Changjiang Asset Management, to find out more. CJAM is licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong, permitted to conduct regulated activities of Type 4 (Advising on Securities) and Type 9 (Asset Management). CJAM’s vision is to provide the best asset management services to its clients, which includes pro- fessional investors, Capital Investment Entrant Scheme’s applicants and institutional investors with interests in the Greater China region. One of our primary services is fund management, where we aim for absolute returns with an emphasis in Greater China equities. We cur- rently manage two funds which are ChangJiang Absolute Return China (Cayman) Fund and the ChangJiang Hong Kong Equity Fund. However, more diversified products are set to be launched in the future. Furthermore, we also have tailor-made investment services known as Discretionary Account Management. We offer a tailor-made mandate, where we can cater for all risk appetites by creating a personalized portfolio. We create a specific management account to meet each investor’s requirements. For instance, we have fixed income/bond portfolio for risk-natural or risk-averse investors. Meanwhile, we not only pursue absolute returns but also focus on risk management as well. This allows us to reach of goal of performing well with low volatility. Our clients include both institutional and retail investors. Previously, we have had institutional clients from Japan and now our markets in China are even expanding further beyond this region. They are individuals mainly focused on investing in China markets or those who are interest- ed in Hong Kong/China markets. We like to see our clients as our friends and treat them with honest and integrity. We get to know them and understand their preferences of investment style and respond quickly to their requirements, based on an international perspective. When working on a fund, superior returns but with very low volatility is the key measurement to ensure that it performs to its full potential and beyond. As an long/short or pure long fund, our core investment philos- ophy is to actively identifying investment opportunities while minimising the probabilities of error in investing via our investment approach, which is a combination of top-down and value investing. Our top-down approach involves analysing the macro economies and figuring out which sectors are expected to generate the best return and benefit most from the government policies. Then, we shall look for individual companies within the chosen sectors and add them to our universe or even our portfolio. Simultaneously, to avoid missing good companies from our top-down approach, we adopt a value investing approach by analysing those companies trading at inefficiencies in respect of their fundamentals and prospects. By relying on our research capabilities and the research sup- port of our parent company, ChangJiang Securities Company Ltd, one of the top ten securities brokerage firms in China, our unique investment philosophy has enabled us to perform at its full potential and beyond. Like any other markets, our area of expertise is subject to continuous changes and developments. And of course, the constantly-changing economic, political, industry and corporate dynamics all need to be identified and analysed as to their potential impact on the portfolio and new opportunities. Our solution to these challenges is to meet them head on with our numbers and experience. First of all, we have over 50 in- house analysts in our parent company and our Hong Kong office covers almost all the sectors in China market. This allows us to fully understand the industry and the competitive landscape and in turn prepares our investment strategy in advance. Furthermore, our parent company, ChangJiang Securities Company Ltd, has developed an extensive net- work of local relationships with more than 140 branches. It enables us to understand more about the needs of clients from time to time and stand at the forefront of the products trend. Over the past 12 months, China A shares have boomed from November of last year, and China is becoming much more attractive to investors. Therefore, products including RQFII which are focused on investing in China markets are highly demanded. However, since the market is becoming more volatile recently, with the downside risk of RMB depreci- ation, more fixed income and offshore products are required by investors to avoid risk from the Chinese market. To ensure that we at the forefront of our industry, our team is made up of a range of different professionals all armed with a unique set of skills. We act as a bridge between both overseas/mainland investors and global markets/China market. To ensure that the investors and the markets are in unison, we have plenty of resources which meet the requirements of investing in the Chinese market. The culture of our company is based upon wealth gathering and sharing growth. This has allowed our company to pursue sustainable and harmo- nious developments in the long term. Also, we have been dedicated to gaining the reputation as a first-rate financial institutional in our industry as well as being respected in China as a whole. We also gain trust and support from our clients by continuously creating value for them and promoting stable growth on their wealth. In the long run, we consistently aim to perform well with low volatility, and have our AUM expanding at the same time. And we will also main- tain good relationship with existing clients and develop potential clients mainly from Asian and European market. As an intermediary between overseas and China markets, we aim to expand our professional investment services to clients from China and also, introduce China market to overseas investors who have interested in the China market through sharing resources as global perspective.

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