Wealth & Finance International - Fund Awards 2015

www.wealthandfinance-intl.com 61 Twelve Capital is an independent investment manager with an exclusive focus on insurance investing. Twelve Capital’s investment capabilities range from liquid and private transactions in collateralised reinsurance (Cat Bonds and Private Insurance-Linked Securities (ILS)) to debt (including public debt and private placement bonds). The firm offers access to these comprehen- sive investment opportunities through fund solutions or tailor-made mandates. Twelve Capital was founded in 2010 and is majority owned by the partners of the firm. Its client based includes public and corporate pension funds, family offices, banks, corporations and fund of funds. Twelve Capital is a leader in insurance investing and the largest dedicated investor in insurance debt. As Twelve invests a significant amount of assets on behalf of their clients across the balance sheets of insurance and rein- surance entities, they are a major facilitator of financing for these organi- sations and therefore not only help to drive convergence of (re)insurance and capital markets, but also bridge traditional and alternative investments in the insurance space. Leveraging their dedicated expertise and broad access to investment opportunities supports the team’s constant efforts to extract superior and sustainable risk-adjusted returns for their clients. Working in this industry also presents a number of unique opportunities. Insurance-Linked Securities provide returns with low correlation to wider financial markets, complementing traditional and other alternative assets. In addition, the asset class exhibits favourable characteristics like low du- ration, contained counterparty risk and unrivalled intra-asset class diver- sification potential among various perils. As in the traditional space, alpha generation is largely driven by their proprietary analytical capabilities. Despite a challenging market environment, Twelve has enjoyed a con- siderable amount of success over the past 12 months. First and fore- most, the firm has seen strong absolute and relative performance across all portfolios and, on the back of such strong performance generation, they have experienced continued and substantial growth in assets under management. As well as this, Twelve has completed the successful launch of their In- surance Private Debt strategy and the proof of concept and launch of their Best Ideas strategy, which aims to leverage the team’s insurance in- vesting expertise across the whole (re)insurance balance sheet to exploit best relative value in the insurance space. And, of course, winning this award is also substantial recognition for the hard work of the whole Twelve Capital team. They are grateful for the award and very much appreciate the recognition. Such success is only possible thanks to the trust of their clients and the dedication of their highly skilled people. Furthermore, the firm view these successes not only as the result of hard work, but also as a platform to move Twelve Capital forward. Given their- skills-based approach, they continue to expand the team’s capabilities, and through innovation they continue to explore structural inefficiencies in insurance-related assets whilst, at the same time, making these invest- ment opportunities accessible to their investors. At Twelve, they constantly strive to ensure that their firm offers clients the best possible service at all times to enable them to reach their goals. When looking for a firm such as theirs to work with, clients should obtain a clear view of the added-value from partnering with such an asset man- ager. Specifically, the capabilities of the asset manager and how those are translated into tangible-results should be a key criterion in the selection process. At Twelve Capital, they pride themselves on being exclusively focused on the insurance sector and, as such, they offer innovative and carefully selected investment opportunities yielding systematically attrac- tive returns. Their added value is Twelve’s pool of talent which focuses on generating superior returns for their clients via a multi-pillar, well-gov- erned and repeatable investment process. Agility is particularly important within their industry, given the changes they see occurring over the coming months and years. The overall macro environment is a low-yielding one and, as a result, investors will contin- ue searching for investment managers that are able to deliver superior returns over the next 12 months. For them, this is yet another excellent opportunity to prove to their clients that through Twelve’s unique access in the insurance sector and intellectual capacity, they can achieve such returns in excess of market expectations.

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