Wealth & Finance International - Fund Awards 2016

www.wealthandfinance-intl.com 27 Private Equity, in terms of financing as well as management expertise, puts the company safely on track for yet faster growth, not least with a view to rapid international expansion. Furthermore, strong emphasis has been placed on safeguarding the firm’s operational continuity. To this end, the incumbent management has not only been kept on board, but has been granted long-term performance incentives through share-ownership. Our entrepreneurial reliability and strength in execu- tion convinced the company’s founders not to involve M&A advisors and helped us succeed in closing the deal in a one-on-one situation. Brockhaus Private Equity III has already made three acquisitions and is in line with its investment schedule. In addition to IHSE GmbH, the fund has purchased majority stakes in automotive safety component and heat shield supplier J&S GmbH Automotive Technology as well as a minority stake in high-temperature shielding specialist Thermamax Group, two more high-tech firms with excellent market positions, high profitability and exceptional rates of growth. Several further investments are already in the pipeline with the aim of closing a further transaction in 2016. Overall, hundreds of German “hidden champions” are still waiting to be discovered and transformed with the help of PE. Investors who wish to benefit from unlocking their vast potential should bear in mind that a strong track-record in proprietary transactions, such as Brockhaus’s, is what they should be looking for in their PE firm of choice. Frankfurt am Main - Alex Tihonovs / Shutterstock.com

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