Fund Awards 2021 16 Wealth & Finance International - 2021 Fund Awards APR2w2 When it comes to investment, it pays to explore options that other companies simply wouldn’t consider. The team at Platinum Capital Management Ltd are experts in the field, leading the way to success for their clients. Their achievements have seen them named in Wealth and Finance International’s Fund Awards 2021 for their endeavours. We take a closer look to find out more. Best Multi-Strategy FoF (5 Years): Platinum All Star Fund & Best Single-Strategy & FoF Global Investment Firm 2021 Platinum Capital Management Ltd Sep21211 Founded in 1999, the team behind Platinum Capital Management Ltd have become renowned for their ability to continuously and effortlessly research, develop and implement a host of unique alternative investment products on behalf of their clients. Using the skills of a particularly qualified team, the firm has been able to deliver results that has unprecedentedly positive for all concerned. The team’s success comes from their management of single strategy and funds of funds on behalf of investors worldwide. Since inception, Platinum Capital Management Ltd has been committed to delivering quality long-term investment success. The team has thrived through even the most challenging of times thanks to an attitude that embraces wholeheartedly the enhancement of the firm’s investment selection, asset allocation and risk management capabilities. Nowhere is this better shown than in their award- winning Platinum All Star Fund. This diversified portfolio of handpicked investments takes some of the best that investment managers around the world have to offer. Since inception, the fund has gone from strength to strength and has now been entrusted with more than $450 billion ion aggregate assets under management. Typically, the track record of each manager goes back for over ten years, through complete market cycles to provide a sense of security to clients. Many of their funds are now closed to new investors, but the Platinum All Star Fund allows access to those who want a taste of success. The fund offers a historically low correlation to bonds and equities, meaning that it is well positioned to generate consistent returns no matter what happens to the global investment landscape. Even through the turbulent times of the COVID-19 pandemic, this is a fund that has continued to inspire new confidence in investors and will continue to do so as the investment landscape evolves and takes on new shapes moving forward. Based in London, with affiliate offices in the Isle of Man and Los Angeles, the team’s entire culture is one which embraces not only the highest quality of investment strategy, but an international outlook which endears them quickly to the needs of their clients. Such a culture is key to the team’s continued success as it allows them to reach out to potential investors who are willing to explore new options for their money as well as embracing the potential of the international marketplace. Few can argue with the remarkable success of Platinum Capital Management Ltd, with its team leading the way when it comes to long-term success for investors. Through an approach which embraces the best that the world has to offer when it comes to funds, the talented team have been able to secure truly amazing results. When it comes to finding the ideal fund for you, Platinum Capital Management Ltd is definitely worth the look. Company: Platinum Capital Management Ltd Name: Thea Sprecher Email: [email protected]