Fund Awards 2021

Wealth & Finance International - 2021 Fund Awards 17 APR2w2 As a leader in its industry, CC links with expanding and profitable businesses opportunities. With its offer of these openings to investors, CC transforms finances. James says, “Though we do not market our funds as ESG funds, we invariably take a pro-active path to improving, dramatically, the ESG parameters of the companies that we invest in. Our core mission is to continue to drive positive change and create extraordinary returns for our investors (with limited fundamental, downside risk).” James knows that CC delivers great prospects to each investor, with aspirational ease and a heavily ambitious environment. However, James also knows that CC couldn’t do this without its team of highly respected and deeply experienced advisors. “Our unique advisory board, our long history of driving change at our invested companies (particularly in Europe) as well as our drive to improve the ESG parameters of the companies that we invest in. Our advisors are at the forefront of driving positive change in the industries that we invest in. Armed with the requisite humility, CC’s culture is one of continuous learning from our advisors and operating partners, who are best in class operators and visionaries form the industries in which we invest,” says James as he describes the nature of the team. CC believes in sustainability for the environment and human resources as it creates an atmosphere where these things can be supported, nourished, and celebrated. With its smart operational methods, intelligent team, and partnerships with well- established companies, CC is shaping the investment industry for a diverse range of investors. Contact: Tucker Slosburg Company: Coast Capital LLC Web Address: Coast Capital LLC is a Hedge Fund investment company that is a leader in its industry, it provides the greatest opportunities for investors. It ensures excellent returns and top quality advice for those wishing to invest. Offering partnerships with leading companies, CC creates opportunities to develop and increase capital. We interview Founding Partner James Rasteh to find out more about CC and its team. Hedge Fund of the Year (Europe): Coast Capital Engaged Fund Coast Capital LLC Sep21776 Coast Capital LLC works tirelessly to consistently produce positive risk-adjusted asymmetric returns for investors all around the globe. CC’s mission is to strengthen and increase capital allocations and returns on capital of undervalued European companies. These companies are all part of industries that CC has a rich wealth of experience in. Aiming to improve fund performance to boost the social, environmental and governance standards of each invested company, CC works with advisors to develop value creation plans to help people to invest. It works with boards and management teams to create and release value. Hedge funds are pooled investment funds that trade in assets regarded as fairly high in liquidity. This type of funding is part of an extensive type of diverse trading as well as portfolio construction and risk management strategies. This allows investors to understand market performance in order to improve their short or long only equity investments. These techniques are all used by institutional investors and high net worth individuals who are looking to enter onto a spectrum of low to high risks for their monetary rewards. Founding Partner James Rasteh is a graduate of the University of British Columbia with a BA of Science in Genetics and Commerce. He then became a Managing Director and Head of international investing at JANA Partners (2004- 2007) which made a huge contribution to the returns during his term. James was also the President and Chief Information Officer at White Eagle (2007-2016) which was the predecessor fund to CC. Here he led with a driven and tenacious nature as he built an extensive hedged equities portfolio. Now, as a Founder of CC, James lives his Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) passion as a NY Board Member of Human Rights Watch and Pachamama Alliance.