Fund Awards 2021 4 Wealth & Finance International - 2021 Fund Awards APR2w2 Firstly - please give us an overview of your company, the work that you do, your clients and the services you offer. We are Asia-Pacific-focused private equity investment group with AUM exceeding USD $500 million with the support of a seasoned team backed by diverse experience in more than 100 M&A transactions, exceeding 50 private equity deals and above 20 IPO exercises in major financial centers such as New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney and Kuala Lumpur. AEI Capital Group specializes in late-stage, pre-IPO investments, merger and acquisition/joint venture transactions, private equity/venture capital deals, private investment in public equity (PIPE), hedge fund portfolio, private fund structuring, and buy-out of high growth small and medium-sized enterprises and tech ventures, with preferred exit via IPO on global stock exchanges such as HKEX, ASX and NASDAQ. AEI Capital Group received the award of Best Private Equity Firm (East Asia) in Fund Awards 2021 granted by Wealth & Finance International (WFI). If relevant: Please tell us more about your approach towards client service. What do you see as the most relevant and vital areas to focus on when it comes to providing the best possible service? Constantly sharing our insights on global and regional emerging industry and investment trends to always keep investors or investees up to date on our know-how is how we maintain our hands-on service with both the buy-side and sell-side of our private and public equity investment business. We place equal importance on both our investors and investees as our prioritised clients to provide our bespoke asset management and portfolio value- add services. The last twelve months have been rather tumultuous and unexpected for the business landscape, and especially when it comes to the greater stock market. What opportunities have you capitalised on? What challenges have you overcome? Covid19-catalysed valuation and capital access uncertainty in both private and public capital markets has led to the rise of SPACs and increasing PIPE (private investment in public equity) deals across the globe including Asia, which we swiftly shift toward in order to tap into the strategic opportunities to ride on SPAC and PIPE deals with strong digitalisation characteristics, which maybe still undervalued by market generally, or selected sizeable mid-market companies with digitalisation aspirations for their transformation and diversification purposes. Best Private Equity Investment Group - East Asia Howwould you describe your company values? How do you drive growth?What is your core mission? We’re the Jedi in the Universe of Capital. Capitalizing Corporate Vision is Our Mission. Bringing the Force of Growth Capital to Private & Public Equity across Asia Pacific is what we Jedi are passionate about. Operating in such a constantly evolving market, what steps does your firm take to ensure that it remains at the very cutting edge of the latest industry developments? Do you follow these developments or prefer to carve your own path to success? We work with tech-scalable businesses with the potential to improve productivity and reduce costs through our in-depth organization transformation expertise and technology-enabled business growth insights. AEI Capital Group works directly with its investee-companies to enhance the intrinsic value of their equity investment in each portfolio company by focusing on (i) Capitalization; (ii) Strategization; and (iii) Digitalization, to engineer their growth direction. Our group of companies, along with our officers, directors and advisors, bring deep and extensive experience including a significant track record of successfully identifying, investing in and operating businesses across a broad range of industries including technology, AI, healthcare, energy and cloud-based technology, which provides us with a competitive advantage in sourcing, evaluating and pursuing a broad range of opportunities in these targeted sectors primarily in the Asia Pacific area. In particular, we believe that our management team’s expertise and experience that creates a competitive advantage for us includes: • Significant industry experience and market knowledge Our team has extensive experience in managing, investing and monetizing assets with a focus to creating and delivering significant value to shareholders. Our leadership and management team, in addition to their own deep and sophisticated sector knowledge, have a strong network of relationships with industry professionals across key expertise and geographies in the technology sector, which they can draw upon to further enable them to identify and take advantage of a wide range of investment opportunities. This extensive market knowledge has a significant positive impact on investment decisions and aids in a holistic evaluation of transactions. • Deal flow and sourcing We have developed deep relationships with market leaders in the global technology industry that AEI Capital Aug21525