Fund Awards 2022

Wealth & Finance International - 2022 Fund Awards 19 With an array of tools available to clients that aid them in the survival of product innovation, market change, and low-interest costs, Dunas Capital has made itself the linchpin for many companies who have been hit the hardest by global changes in asset management practices. Nominally, it has five business areas that feed into this; with specific asset management being one, it also commits itself to helping its clients with real assets, real estate, and Inverseguros – the translation of financial statements originally issues in Spanish and prepared in accordance with regulations – in order to provide holistic and comprehensive solutions. Indeed, Dunas Capital is dedicated to the success of its clients on a fundamental level, with each branch of its operations being impeccably well organised and complimentary in their structure, ensuring that each team can benefit from the work of the others by keeping lines of communication open. This means that when the client receives information or solutions, they have been created with the expertise of this entire network in mind. The result is asset management that keeps teamwork at the core of its operations, commitment to the delivery of a high-value product made possible by the depth and breadth of its team’s knowledge, and a respect for the different perspectives and backgrounds that each of them bring to the table. Dedicated to innovation, adaptation, and adding value to investments, its hallmark products – nominally its absolute return investment funds – have become well-loved in its market segment. Moreover, its policy is one based on achieving profit objectives for its clients. In helping them to achieve the preservation of capital in the face of market change, its consistent returns, multi-asset, and multi-strategy portfolios have become widely renowned for their reliability and flexibility, as well as fulfilling the promise that its innovations and developments will directly benefit the client. This is all part of its commitment to independence, Created as an answer to the challenges faced by international asset management, Dunas Capital is helping its clients with their most pressing concerns when it comes to facing constant change. Having witnessed just how difficult it can be for companies to remain flexible when fluctuations occur daily, it has built itself up by being the helping hand and business partner that makes this process easier, granting its clients access to a toolkit of resources that will help them to weather any necessary changes. ingenuity, flexibility, sustainability, and using its experience for the betterment of all. Thus, when it comes to preserving capital and applying its methodologies, its return-risk ratios have been developed to be the most in-depth and variable cognizant solutions available in the market. In this manner, Dunas Capital ensures that its strict standards of control never slip, and that all risks are well managed so that a client can rest assured they have put their faith in the right business, allowing them access to its huge range of diverse products that set it apart from its peers. Asset Management Group of the Year - Iberian Peninsula Sep22363 Consequentially, it has been able to survive the difficult times that have prevailed of late, allowing it to look forward to the bright future that is surely in store. Company: Dunas Capital Contact: [email protected] Website: