Investment Fund Awards 2018 22 Wealth & Finance International - 2018 Investment Fund Awards Established in 2017 FinEX Asia began life in Hong Kong, and today the firm has expanded into Singapore and Taiwan. It has obtained two licenses from Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of Hong Kong and deployed more than US$ 200 million in consumer credit and private equity assets since July 2017, which have allowed the firm to support a wide variety of clients and build its platform. Drawing on its vast experience in the market, FinEX Asia now operates in three core business segments- asset management, private equity and lending. It sources world- class technology solution to reduce investment frictions, increase transparency and maximize investment returns. Specifically, FinEX Asia, through its proprietary AI analytic risk model and fintech platform, created the consumer lending fixed income asset class (FinEX Asia Marketplace credit fund) for Asian investors. The FinEX Asia Marketplace credit fund utilizes its proprietary AI analytic risk model to cherry pick consumer loans from the US online marketplace platform. The AI risk model has a much stronger risk separation power, therefore the consumer loans that were selected by the FinEX Asia Marketplace credit fund have a much lower default rate and the return can outperform the online platform by 20- 30%. The Proprietary AI analytic risk model utilized over half a million items of customer data with over 150 million data points to train the model. A pioneer in the Fintech market, FinEX Asia investment Limited launched Asia’s first financial technology asset management platform in Hong Kong. It was this innovation that led the firm to win one of our prestigious Investment Fund Awards in our 2018 programme, and as such Wealth & Finance Magazine were keen to profile the solution and learn more about how it is changing the market for the better. Best Global Fintech Asset Management Platform 2018 The benefits received from the powerful AI risk model is significant. FinEX Asia Marketplace Credit Fund has consistently outperformed most fixed income indexes including S&P 500 High Yield Corporate Bond Total Return Index, Bloomberg Barclays Global High Yield Total Return Index etc. At the same time, the FinEX Asia Marketplace Credit Fund’s volatility is less than 1%. The attractive return couples with low volatility and fully digitized process solve the challenges Asian investors face nowadays, and as such the fund is therefore highly sought after by investors. Attracting these investors is particularly important in today’s market, as Asia has over USD30 trillion in investment capital and over 8 million millionaires. These investors are getting more digitally savvy and sophisticated. They are increasingly seeking financial products with better risk adjusted returns, lower volatility and higher transparency. The increasing popularity of technology and internet, a boom on internet users, time spent on the internet, as well as online information, all make consumer accustomed to using a wide variety of customized services through and from the Internet. Whether it is the price setting preference on property websites, the search history on search engines or the precise recommendation of local restaurants, technology is indulging to users’ needs of customization. Technology giants such as IBM, Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Apple are all trying to getter attend consumer requirement and personal preference in each product upgrade. With FD180019