W&F Issue 1 2018

www.wealthandfinance-news.com 14 Wealth & Finance International - Issue 1 2018 HairMax, Lexington’s Flagship brand, is clinically proven and FDACleared as a drug free treatment for hair loss in men and women. The firm’s demographic is typically Men ages 20-70 and women 35-80. Although hair loss is a condition more commonly thought of as a man’s issue, we have found that female hair loss is a growing concern as it is not fashionable for women to go bald and shave their head like a man, and can be very emotional. Since hair loss affects such a large demographic, Hairmax’s clients are very diverse from all corners of the world. Mr. Michaels starts off the interview by describing the firm’s mission and strategies both the company and brand has in place in order to reach its goals. “Early on, we developed a strong understanding of the emotional stress associated with hair loss. We quickly adopted a mission to help as many people as possible address their hair loss, regain their hair and their confidence. Our company was founded on this principle of helping hair loss sufferers, and we have instilled this principal into our team and policies. Further on, we developed hair growth laser devices at various price points, to enable people to acquire our devices and treat their hair loss, regardless of their budget.” Working within such a vital industry, understanding the needs of the client and ensuring that they receive excellent customer support is a necessity for the firm to succeed. Mr. Michaels explains how the team ensure that clients experience outstanding customer service, and receive the very best advice about their hair loss issues. “Lexington is a certified ISO13485 facility. Asignificant part of our certification, and culture, is focused on employee training. We have a motto that is instilled from day one; ‘Do What is Right for the Customer’. “Management has an open door policy when it comes to customer issues, and we encourage our staff to escalate any issue that cannot be resolved to the customer’s best interest.” With new technology solutions and developments arising on a daily basis, Mr. Michaels, comments on how HairMax has seen technology evolve and whether there is any room for even further steps in efficacy whilst maintaining a safety profile for home use. “Laser technology for hair growth has evolved from its beginnings as an office or clinic treatment to a home use device. Our devices have evolved over the years from handheld comb devices, which people still enjoy, to our newest range of LaserBand devices, which provide an even easier and faster treatment. In fact, our newest device, the LaserBand 82 provides the fastest laser hair loss treatment time in the industry, as little as 90 seconds, just three days a week. This device delivers low level laser light energy to your hair follicles via 82 medical grade lasers. When moved over the head in three simple moves, it equates 246 laser coverage. HairMax devices are FDACleared, and are proven safe and effective in seven clinical studies, and most importantly can reverse the thinning process and regrow denser, fuller hair.” Outside of the U.S., customers do not always understand the significance of FDAapproval, and Mr. Michaels provides us with a quick summary of why it is such a critical stamp of approval, and why that stamp is globally recognised and stands out. “Fundamentally, the FDA(Food and Drug Administration) is responsible for protecting the public health by ensuring the safety, efficacy, and security of a wide range of items for medical use, including drugs, medical devices, food, cosmetics and many other health-related products. “Medical Devices must go through rigorous clinical studies and a 510k submission before being allowed to be cleared or approved into the market. It also needs to be proven that the medical device will not only not do harm, but also that it will do good. The entire purpose of a medical device is to improve someone’s health, and if Lexington International develops leading edge home use laser hair growth medical devices, and a full line of products and treatments for hair loss and thinning hair. Founder of HairMax, David Michaels provides us with an overview of the firm and what the future looks like for the company. HairMax: The Science of Hair Growth 1801WF17 Company: Lexington International. Maker of HairMax Founder/CEO: Mr. David Michaels Contact Media Contact: Francesca Dubsky, Director of Marketing Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 1040 Holland Drive, Boca Raton, Florida, FL 33487, USA Phone: 001561 314 2430 Website: www.hairmax.com the item does not meet the standards, it will not receive clearance or approval by the FDA. “After extensive clinical studies, HairMax was the first ever home use hair growth medical device to be granted clearance by the FDA for the treatment of hair loss and promotion of hair growth in males in 2007. In 2011, additional clinical studies were submitted to the FDAand clearance was also granted to HairMax laser devices for females with hereditary hair loss. “To date, there are seven FDAclearances of HairMax Laser devices, all of which prove not only safety, but also effectiveness based on scientifically designed clinical research studies. In addition to FDAclearances, HairMax laser devices also hold 14 medical device licenses worldwide.” Ultimately, the home use beauty device market continues to grow, and Mr. Michaels signs off by commenting on what area he thinks will see the next big device. “Over the past several years, there is a definite shift in consumer preference for home use products for everything from hair growth, hair removal, teeth whitening and skin care. It is all part of the increased demand for anti-aging and rejuvenation treatments that people can do at home, safely and affordably.”

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