W&F Issue 11 2018

Wealth & Finance International - Issue 11 - 2018 3 12 4. News 6. Invested in Your Financial Future 8. Providing Honest and Reliable Wealth Management Advisory Services 10. A Business Bank Providing Best in Class Support to British Businesses 12. Quantilope raises $8 million to democratise advanced consumer research in funding round led by Dawn Capital 14. Bitcoin Busted: It’s a No from Brits for Cryptocurrency Investments 16. Ethereum on the Verge of a Monumental Breakout – But What Will Drive It? 18. Family Offices and Hedge Funds are Driving Strong Demand for Life Settlements, MPG Says 20. Fixed income; What is it Good For? Absolutely Nothing? 22. Five traits of the smart and savvy 24. Silicon Valley’s Portfolia Closes First Women’s Health Venture Fund 26. UK Investment Markets: Let’s Not Talk About Brexit 28. ‘Actual’ investing - Time for Fund Management Industry to Return to Fundamental Purpose 30. Invesco Finds Factor Allocations Expanding Across North America

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