W&F Issue 11 2018

www.wealthandfinance-news.com 6 Wealth & Finance International - Issue 11 - 2018 The face of investment has changed dramatically over the last twenty years. Technology has, in large part, been the harbinger of this change, acting as a catalyst for evolution across the global financial landscape. In this new digital-first age, clients are actively involved in the day to day management of their assets and expect remote access to their investments whenever they would wish to. In turn, it has become important for wealth managers around the world to establish client- focused products and services, as client demands change from the remote relationship of the past, into a role better defined by active participation – becoming informed participants and partners in their investment choices. DLM Wealth Management have ensured that their practices stay at the forefront of the sector by embracing this move towards digitisation and modernity, as Darren explains. “We fundamentally believe that the reasons for our success are due to establishing a very modern approach to financial advice and ensuring each client is a connected client. In 2018, most people are technology savvy and have become accustomed to accessing products and services online instantly. We have modernised the financial advice process by giving clients access to their investments 24/7 via web, tablet and mobile devices. Clients can track, analyse and top-up their investments online through their personal client site.” This proactive approach to technological development marks a stark contrast from peers in the industry, who have –in many cases– been slow to adapt. Equally, as Darren takes a moment to emphasise, DLM endeavours to pursue the highest of standards in all of their work, creating a firm that is, at its core, utterly client-centric. “We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in our relationship with our clients. We want to know and understand their financial situation and provide them with only the highest quality of information, services, and products to help our clients reach their goals. Ultimately, our overall mission is to provide good quality advice to our existing clients with the aim of increasing our client base through referrals.” This approach helps to differentiate the firm from a sector that has only becoming increasingly more competitive in light of greater accessibility and changing attitudes. Wealth management is no longer considered an exclusive luxury reserved for the few. However, this is not the only way that DLM is acting to distinguish themselves as the only choice for potential clients: “We use a goals-based approach to financial advice which takes into account a client’s personal goals, time-frames to achieve these goals, and the level of risk they wish to take. We then create a client’s personal strategy and roadmap, which is reviewed regularly.” Again, technology plays an important role in uniting a client-focused service with DLM’s adherence to high standards, as Darren discusses: “When a client has a goal set up for their investments, the progress of the investment goal will appear within their client portal. We also offer clients the opportunity to top-up their investments with as little as £1 at a time, whenever and wherever you choose via web, tablet and mobile devices. Through the client portal there is also the option to link-up bank accounts and credit cards to get a more accurate picture of a client’s net worth and begin to analyse their spending habits. This gives a consolidated view of banking and credit card information in one convenient place, so our clients can analyse their spending across multiple accounts.” Finally, when it comes to DLM Wealth Management’s future, Darren hopes to capitalise on their online outreach to grow their client base. “We intend to share the success of winning this award further through social media to grow a larger online presence and connect with people who embrace the concept of accessing online services and following financial advice goals through digital avenues.” DLM Wealth Management LLP provide expert advice for a host of crucial financial services, from investments, to pensions and mortgages. In October, the firm were awarded under Wealth & Finance International Magazine’s Winner’s Review label as the Most Innovative Financial Advisory Firm in the UK. We spoke to one of DLM’s Partners, Darren McMahon, to find out more about this pace-setting, client-focused firm. Invested in Your Financial Future WR180017 Contact: Darren McMahon, Partner Company: DLM Wealth Management LLP Address: Office 4, 219 Kensington High Street, Kensington, London, W8 6BD, United Kingdom Website: www.dlmwealth.com

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