W&F Issue 11 2018

www.wealthandfinance-news.com 8 Wealth & Finance International - Issue 11 - 2018 From the outset, O’Connor Portfolio Management sought to distance themselves from the common practices of their peers and competitors. Focusing on risk management and compound interest, rather than the typical offerings of mutual funds and annuities, they align themselves with the client’s best interests, not sales targets. As Catherine discusses to open the interview, O’Connor Portfolio Management was fundamentally created to help people secure their long-term financial future: “Our target audience is a person who has, or is, saving money so that they can retire and live securely in retirement. We make each person a separate and distinct financial plan, and adjust the plan quarterly, according to changes in the financial markets. The purpose of the separate and distinct financial plan is to achieve growth and income suitable for each of our clients.” Catherine continues, “Ultimately, our focus is on risk management and compound interest. Contrast this with many financial services firm, whose focus may be on marketing and selling products, such as mutual funds, annuities and the like. Think of how often media introduces a guest on a financial programme by citing the manager’s number of “assets under management. Large firms typically want their financial advisors to focus on gathering assets and selling mutual funds, annuities, and other managed money products. We don’t use any products because we believe that these products are not in the best interest of our clients. We are not marketers: we are analytical Portfolio Managers and Certified Financial Planners.” Instead, O’Connor Portfolio Management utilizes proprietary technology to determine and manage investment risk, tailoring their strategies on a person by person basis. “One person’s money is not “thrown in” with another person’s money as each person has different goals and different entry times.” “Then we set the purchase price below the market price, so that we can reduce risk and perhaps, have the opportunity to make more money than a person why buys at the market price. Finally, we construct a “sell plan” to manage risk and improve and individual’s return. The “sell plans” were tremendously effective during the 2008 financial crisis; our clients did not suffer through the stock market crash that happened in September of 2008 through March of 2009.” Today, the firm celebrates fifty-two years of combined industry experience, between O’Connor & Dolgos, both 26-year veterans from major broker-dealers, driven by their almost life- long dedication to financial services. We grow the business through client referrals, and an outstanding record of success. Here Catherine takes a moment to emphasise that “in one family, we have advised four generations”. By all regards, their unique approach to wealth management appears then to be working. Avoiding the path most travelled, O’Connor Portfolio Management have attained exceptional results for their clients and distinguished themselves from an ever- competitive sector. Moreover, they treat each of their clients as an individual, recognising that what works for one person may not work for the next. For these reasons, and many others, the firm was recognised as the ‘Best Money Management Firm’ in their state, with all signs pointing to a profitable, and successful, future. O’Connor Portfolio Management, LLC is a leading wealth management advisory firm based out of Tampa, Florida. In October, the firm was recognised in Wealth & Finance International Magazine’s 2018 Winners’ Review programme as the ‘Best Money Management Firm’ in Florida. We spoke with Catherine O’Connor, an Accredited Portfolio Management Adviser, to find out more about her company’s unique approach to wealth management. Providing Honest and Reliable Wealth Management Advisory Services WR180014 Company: O’Connor Portfolio Management, LLC Address: 201 East Davis Boulevard, Tampa, Florida, 33606, United States Web: www.oconnorportfoliomanagement.com Telephone: +1 813 254 5120

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