W&F Issue 12 2018

www.wealthandfinance-news.com 10 Wealth & Finance International - Issue 12 - 2018 The investment market has been exceptionally volatile over recent months, as investors the world over look set to adopt short and medium-term risk-off strategies. Bedrock Advisors are, in Steve’s words, “obsessed with net positive risk adjusted returns with low volatility”, which make them the perfect investment adviser in what will be, by all regards, a challenging start to 2019. More than that, Bedrock Advisors have established a reputation for delivering expert investment management and solutions that are, fundamentally, client-centric. To start, Steve offers a brief overview of Bedrock and their expertise: “Bedrock Advisors, LLC is part of the Bedrock Family Office. We work exclusively with our Family Office as well as a select group of high net worth individuals, institutional clients and pension funds. We currently offer, to our outside clientele, Fund of Hedge Funds & Bespoke Futures and Options Managed Accounts.” The conversation soon moves on to industry-wide developments which, in the digital age, are moving swiftly. Similarly, to sectors outside of finance, the key to remaining competitive hinges on a firm’s ability to offer best in class services and being – always - aware of the unique advantages offered by emerging technology. For the investment industry, compliance rushes to keep pace of the latest developments. “There is a great focus in the industry on cybersecurity and compliance, as well as an aggressive push into automated computer learning and execution solutions. We fully embrace the advances in technology in regard to obtaining greater transparency, reporting and security capabilities but we have deep concerns on the impact of some of the systems that have been developed for trading. Equally, we are constantly learning about new developments via conferences and regular meetings with industry professionals & Academia” Ultimately, all of this lends itself to a firm that has always put the client at the centre of their services. Investment, in particular, is an industry that has always yielded greater results for those that wholly understand their client’s financial goals, and act entirely in their best interests. “The client always comes first. It’s essential that our staff not only understand that but have the experience to truly action their goals. They must be on top of investments and issues constantly.” As we come to the end of the interview, Steve discusses the forthcoming challenges that the industry will face over the next year as algorithmic trading becomes more commonplace. “We are disturbed by the rapid increase of passive investment and automation, and the growing risk of flash crashes and illiquidity in capital markets. Moreover, some of the individuals who are creating and developing algorithmic programs and creative ETF structures often have never traded or managed assets. That is disturbing and may prove to be fatal for some as was evidenced by several blow-ups in February 2018” Bedrock Advisors, LLC has been a registered CTA/CPO since 1984; in the capacity of Portfolio Manager of two Hedge Funds and two Fund of Hedge Funds (onshore/offshore) as well Future and Options Managed Accounts. In September, Bedrock Advisors was recognised in Wealth & Finance International’s 2018 Alternative Investment awards as the ‘Best Commodity Trading Adviser in the USA’. On the back of this achievement, we spoke with Principal, Steve Dabbah, to find out more about Bedrock’s innovative approach to investment. Expert Commodity Trading Advisers That Can Secure Your Financial Future AI180030 Company: Bedrock Advisors, LLC Address: 1370 Avenue of The Americas, 27th Floor, New York, 10019, USA Telephone: +1 212 983 5744 Email: [email protected] “We spend a lot of time on due diligence and diversify investments among several unique strategies. Obviously, we focus on avoiding fraud scenarios and overleveraged investments.”

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