W&F Issue 12 2018

www.wealthandfinance-news.com 12 Wealth & Finance International - Issue 12 - 2018 Since 2010, Cradle Overseas Pensions have worked alongside other regulated professionals and direct clients to provide FCA regulated pensions advice. As a truly independent service Cradle do not receive commissions, and client solutions are based upon suitability, transparency and value for money. They believe strongly that clients should be able to understand exactly what they are paying for. In this, and in their notable expertise in their industry, Cradle have thrived in the absence of many true competitors. In the overseas pension industry, Cradle have differentiated themselves through a commitment to meeting the highest of standards; where other firms are often regulated in limited markets, or not at all, Cradle is regulated by the FCA to provide their services across the region. On the back of this, they now provide advice globally with their largest markets being Australia, New Zealand and the US. In a more recent development, much of their time is now taken up reviewing clients in Overseas Pension Schemes, who were advised to transfer inappropriately from UK Schemes. To this day, Matthew Nash and Joe Foley remain integral to the firm’s enduring success. As joint-founders, they realised that their separate areas of expertise were complimentary in their goal to create an overseas retirement advisory that put the client at the centre of their services. Both have years of experience in the financial services industry: Matthew has been involved in the UK finance industry since 1994, and Joe has worked in the sector since 1997, when he joined Prudential’s Private High Net Worth client division. Since then, they have accumulated accreditation and academic achievements that have firmly fortified their position as leaders and pioneers in an industry that is sorely needed. When it comes to their work, Cradle ensure that their clients are fully informed about all of the options that are open to them, and work tirelessly to find the most appropriate and bespoke solution. They help their clients understand the clear differences between their existing pensions, alongside any benefits relevant to their personal circumstances. As part of their FCA regulation, they also have to guarantee that any advice is suitable and appropriate, by ensuring that a pension transfer is above all, beneficial. For all of these reasons, and many more besides, Cradle Overseas Pensions were named as a Leading Expert in retirement advisory by Wealth & Finance International. Since their inception, they have become a cornerstone and benchmark for an industry still very much in its infancy: setting the pace for others to follow. Cradle Overseas Pensions Ltd provide fully-qualified expert advice on pensions for UK and Overseas Residents. In August, Cradle was recognised in Wealth & Finance International’s 2018 Leading Experts Awards programme with the title, ‘Leading Retirement Adviser of the Year’ for the United Kingdom. Eager to find out more, we profiled the firm to see how they have forged their global reputation in the industry. Providing Expert Overseas Retirement Advisory 1808WF09 Company: Cradle Overseas Pensions Ltd Address: 2 Petty Lane, Derry Hill, Calne, Wiltshire, SN11 9QY, UK Website: www.cradleltd.co.uk Telephone: 01275 392 404

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