W&F Issue 3 2018

Wealth & Finance International - Issue 3 - 2018 21 Helping You Grow Established in 2012, Makesworth has built itself a formidable reputation within the financial industry, and continues to build on this success thanks to its team’s ability to provide an excellent and first-class service to business and personal clients throughout the community, and to service businesses. Boasting a wealth of experience within the industry, the team at Makesworth help by delivering the highest quality of various Accounting and Taxation services for Limited companies, owner managed businesses, professionals and sole traders. Thanks to its skillset, expertise and vast knowledge amongst the team, Makesworth works with a wide range of business, specialising in Business Start-Up Support, Owner Managed Business, Personal Tax, Corporate Tax and Accounts, Tax Planning, Business Development, Sole Trader and Partnership, Tax Inquiry and Investigations. Outlining the firm’s overall mission, Sanjay describes what methods and techniques that the team uses in order to reach and achieve its overall targets. He highlights a focus on reliability, proactivity and integrity when discussing what he believes to be the critical attributes of the firm’s success. “When customers work with us, they want to know that we are reliable, and the team looks for the client’s best interest, assisting them through thick and thin. Furthermore, the company is proactive, and we constantly anticipate and prepare for any unexpected occurrence ahead of time for the client. Another crucial aspect of our achievements is that, as a team, we operate with integrity, and deliver on our promises, which builds trust, and importantly, we are honest while being aware of our responsibilities towards the client.” Working within such a vital industry, it is vital that the company maintains an important approach to client service. Sanjay explains how he ensures that clients receive only the best support and advice from the team at Makesworth. Here at Makesworth, we believe that our profession is more than just numbers and we are here to assist you in this exciting journey of growing your business. As such, we are aware that growing a business is not just about completing your payroll and book keeping, filing your accounts or making sure your tax is efficient, but to also identify the challenges you will face along the way and finding strategies to overcome them. With this urge, we continue to build on our reputation for providing excellent customer service through a professional and pro-active team. Being located in Middlesex is ideal for Makesworth, and the company believes that Harrow itself is perfect location, as the maximum proportion of clients residing in the area also have a business or businesses throughout the region. Ensuring that the firm stays ahead of emerging developments throughout the industry, Makesworth adapts accordingly to the ever changing developments which arise on a daily basis. Sanjay explains how the company reacts to any opportunities and developments which may arise. “Important in this industry, we have embraced change with time and technology where we strongly agree that Accountants are moving from a number cruncher to a reliable and trusted advisor. Secondly, through this process, Makesworth has been able to secure various affiliations thanks to its successful methods, including; IPSE Endorsed Accountants, ICAEW Training Employers/ ACCA Approved Employers/ AAT Approved Employers, the Institute of Certified Practising Accountants (ICPA), the society of Professional Accountants (SPA) and 2020 Group.” Contributing to the success of the firm is the happy and thriving working environment, leading to staff being happy and excited to come to work, which in turn motivates them to deliver the best service possible. Sanjay explains how working as a team and building relationships amongst staff, helps them in their ability to build long-term relationships with clients and subsequently gaining trust and securing a lot of return business. “Essentially, our passion towards this profession has been driven by the success of our clients whom we have catered for. We have always believed in acquiring more and more knowledge which has been of a huge impact in my Accounting Profession. “The strong client relationship that has been built in the last six years of the establishment of Makesworth Accountants has been possible with the help of my team of highly qualified “Essentially, our passion towards this profession has been driven by the success of our clients whom we have catered for. We have always believed in acquiring more and more knowledge which has been of a huge impact in my Accounting Profession.” Helping You Grow Makesworth Accountants is a professional, friendly and pro-active firm of Chartered Certified Accountants, based in Harrow, Middlesex. We speak to Sanjay Kumar Sah as we explore the secrets behind the firm’s continuous success. professionals working together in the practice. We have a team-based culture with employee participation on all levels. This tends to develop better relationships with co-workers, and we are even more productive. To sum up we tackle with any issues together where every one’s opinion is welcomed and we celebrate our achievements together too.” Overall, there is an exciting future ahead for Makesworth, as the company looks forward to increasing its client portfolio. Looking to capitalise on its success, the team at Makesworth also looking to implement a structure in which they expand the practice. Company: Makesworth Limited Name: Mr. Sanjay Kumar Sah Address: Unit 101, 1st Floor, Cervantes House, 5-9 Headstone Road, Harrow, Middlesex HA1 1PD Telephone: 02079938850 Web Address: www.makesworth.co.uk

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