W&F Issue 6 2018

www.wealthandfinance-news.com 20 Wealth & Finance International - Issue 6 2018 Established in 2014, Bóveda Asset Management are focused on providing our advisor and investor clients with customised investment plans and comprehensive wealth management services to better service their specific needs. The firm believes a client’s portfolio must take into account where they are currently, where they need and want to go, as well as all of the other unique circumstances that apply to their specific situation. The firm’s job and their goal is to assist advisors and investors achieve their specific investment targets. Ken goes into detail about the firm’s mission and the steps the team takes to achieve it. “Here at Bóveda Asset Management, our mission calls for the infusion of a group of like-minded investment professionals, with the primary aim of creating an alternative investment vehicle management company. This will provide unique performance focused investment products with a set of clear and simple values that will benefit investors, by providing them with strategies which are focused on capital preservation with Real Estate as its foundation.” In the world of money clients want to have access to their money when needed, Bóveda Asset Management make that happen. The firm remains on the cutting edge of technology to provide clients with the most advance technology available, while ensuring privacy and security are not compromised, as Ken explains. “Client privacy is important here at Bóveda Asset Management and is at the forefront of everything we do. Therefore, we build everything, including support, around our clients’ privacy and security while providing personalized VIP support to clients. “Our primary client is the institutional investor, such as family offices, investment advisors, insurance companies etc. We get to know our client and the types of clients /customers to which they provide their service or product. Therefore, it is important for our representatives to fully understand how our clients operate and understand who our clients’ clients are, so we can better service their needs. To accomplish this effectively, we take a more personalised approach to learn our clients’ needs and goals to ensure they are aligned with Bóveda’s goal and offered investment strategies. It is imperative for Bóveda’s focus to be aligned with clients and potential clients because if our products do not align with the clients’ needs, then clients will not be happy no matter how well we perform.” When discussing the techniques Bóveda Asset Management employs to ensure that the firm stay ahead of emerging developments, Ken reveals how the different strategies the team uses to ensure not only they are ahead of the game, but also how their choices benefits their clients. “At Bóveda Asset Management, the techniques we use are proprietary in nature from investment selection, which are determined by pattern development recognition to risk assessment and management. Although we utilise proprietary techniques in making and managing our investments, we do convert the performance of our portfolios and funds into traditional ratios which investors routinely use, such as Sharpe Ratio, Sortino Ratio, VaR etc. which investors routinely use to evaluate investments.” Providing a Clear Picture Bringing the interview to a close, Kens signs off by highlighting what the future has in store for the company, as well as touching on the developments for both the firm and the industry. “Moving forward, we are looking to open our second fund and making it available to investors for investments. This fund is still a hybrid fund, but with a long/short equity strategy as the secondary strategy. This is a fund which we have been working on the investment strategy for the past four years. Additionally, this fund will offer investors positive returns at low volatility levels. “Looking ahead to what the future holds, as we are a company, we are very optimistic about the future. With the continued deliverance of performance levels which investors have grown to expect from Bóveda Asset Management Inc, we look for a very robust business future.” Telephone: 001 888 569 8883 Web Address: www.1baminc.com Bóveda Asset Management provide asset management services to and for professional advisors as well as investors. Recently we profiled Bóveda Asset Management, winners of our Best Alternative Investment Vehicle Manager of the Year 2018 award, and spoke to Ken Witherspoon who provided us with an insight into the successful firm. 1804WF20 “Moving forward, we are looking to open our second fund and making it available to investors for investments. This fund is still a hybrid fund, but with a long/short equity strategy as the secondary strategy.”