Wealth & Finance International - January 2017

3 January 2017 4. News 8. Winning Business Strategies for 2017 12. Strength Through Unity 14. Creating Real Estate Opportunities 16. The Right Partner for Your Business 18. Fund Solutions for Fund Managers 20. Wealth Preservation Tax Studies 22. Uncovering the Hidden Gems 24. Large Enough to Count, Small Enough to Care 25. Returns Service 26. Alternative Investment Fund Strategies 28. Providing Clients with Peace of Mind 31. Reflections on BREXIT and Its Impact on the Commercial Vehicle Industry 32. Intelligent Architecture in a Challenging Industry 34. An Asset to Their Clients 36. Serving the Global Engineering and Construction Industry 38. Building Great Ventures 40. Sentinel Retirement Fund 42. Shaping UK Government Policy 44. Cyber - Challenging Conventional Wisdom 46. Creating a New Approach to Private Equity 48. The Age of Stem Cells 50. A Platform for Success 52. Excellence in ETFs 53. A Bespoke, Multigenerational Approach to Wealth Management 54. Guiding the Path to Success 55. Stunning Seaside Escapes 56. Accessible Treatment and Prevention Options 58. Waste Not Want Not 59. Food for Thought 60. Making the World a Better Place 62. The Highest Level of Excellence 64. 200 Years’ Experience in Power Generation 66. The Effects of Divorce on Business 68. Is Home Ownership Still the Great British Dream? 70. Changes to Salary Sacrifice Schemes 72. Banks of Tomorrow - Intelligent Data-Driven Experiences for a Consumer-Centric World 74. Nothing to Wine About 75. Brilliance in Boutique Business 76. High Quality, Low Volatility Returns 78. Spike in Profits for Cheri’s Desert Harvest 79. Winners’ Directory Contents 8 Winning Business Strategies for 2017

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